First off.  Bachelorette.  I’m sorry.  I’m sorry! I’m in a rut.  Two weeks ago was so boring.  Then it was on a break for the week of July 4.  I tried to watch last night and it was somewhere around Alex being dumb with Pringles and dancing around in pantaloons that I just said, I want to do other things with my life right now.  I was proud of this choice and wish I could tell you I went and journaled or jogged or started a nonprofit but I think I just watched a different TV show.

There is seriously not a date-worthy human in that entire lot.  Alex? He’s like 4’6″.  He wears these ridiculous ankle boots that make him appear more like 4’3″.  I want to pin him down and feed him Flinstones gummies until he becomes a respectably sized human.  Chase? My text advisory panel agrees Chase is physically the most attractive.  Too bad he has the personality of a sea cucumber.  Robbie? College swimmers just don’t have the best record when it comes to not being sexual predators.  Immediate disqualification.  Jordan? No. Gawd. The worst.  The worst! The others are just too boring for commentary.

Second off.  A WOEFULLY belated update on my little kerfuffle with the Gawker publishing company.  Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who commented and agreed it was crappy and wrong and not something I was imagining in my head.  I made a few more loose attempts to get some coverage but when I didn’t get anywhere I let it drop.  I have a life and just wasn’t interested in investing any additional time in this little hashtag justice project.

Not having any further luck with the site’s editors, I did end up emailing the offending author.  I just needed closure.  It was like my own personal episode of After the Final Rose.  I was actually very respectful and said I didn’t blame her, because I understand she was probably just on a deadline and cut a corner, and people are human and do things like this. Ultimately, I told her all I wanted was a smidgen of insight into the industry– is online media just so redundant and recycled that it’s just an accepted standard to do this kind of thing? Is that why I was so easily blown off? I was only genuinely curious.  Well, my message went unacknowledged so I don’t know.  Despicable.

Let me tell you why I’m extra bitter about this.  People like my parents are always bemoaning the new age of media consumption, like all worked up about losing the “good old days” of journalism because people now read the news online instead of in newspapers.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve given a good-natured eye roll and said MOM, gawd, it’s the same journalism and journalists, it’s just online and not in a newspaper that’s junking up your house and killing trees.  Apparently the boomers are right about this! I just can’t believe actual professional journalists didn’t see the glaring ethical violation here.

And for those who hadn’t heard, Gawker has since hilariously been bankrupted by a lawsuit over a Hulk Hogan sex tape. Lolz! This is how history will remember you.  Nude Hulk Hogan was the last thing your company saw before it died.  What a way to go down.

Third off.  Not related at all, but our household got Netflix last week.  Holy crap, where has this been my entire life? It’s terrible.  I’ve gone from zero to couch potato in a week.  What is be books? What be are interaction with other humans? Do not understand what is fizikul aktivity? I’m going to be illiterate and 75 pounds heavier next time you hear from me.  It’s going to be glorious.  We’re working on House of Cards now and I’ve heard from multiple friends to hit Orange is the New Black too.  Let me know what else to put in my queue!

Lastly.  Thanks for reading.  I’ll have more blabbing hopefully in another week or two.  Mwah.



3 thoughts on “Blurbs

  1. I loved this post! And I want to be in your text group during the bachelorette too! You have to watch orphan black on Netflix. We are in the middle of it on Amazon prime and I am obsessed.

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