A Word From Your Host

Will you please forgive me for sucking at Bachelor posts? I have received several messages saddened by their absence which is SO flattering, but also causes my heart to cry big pathetic just-got-eliminated-at-the-rose-ceremony tears because I really do love writing them and bringing joy to your lives.  I mean, I basically consider it a heroic act of community service on my part.  Maybe I’d do Habitat for Humanity if drilling a single screw wasn’t a task that frequently caused me to sob in frustration (not hyperbole).  But since that’s out I  blog.  That’s what I have to contribute to Planet Earth.  And listen don’t try to tell me it’s not a noble contribution because Mariah Carey told me back in 1993 that there’s a hero if I look inside my heart and I don’t have to be afraid of what I am.  OKAY?

I could be low and blame it on Ben being boring, but instead I’ll be equally low and blame it on my little frogs who have joined forces to make sure I don’t sleep between 2:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m.  I mean, I LOVE writing the recaps but staying up late is just not a wise life choice for me right now.  Just kind of one of those things I need to not pressure myself over.  I totally don’t understand all the chicks out there arbitrarily putting pressure on themselves.  Like with the crazy “35 things before I’m 35” lists that are like OMG I will go to barre class three times a week all year and give up soy and gluten and read all the classics and learn Portuguese and visit 10 museums and take a home beer brewing class and plant 11 trees and blah blah blah blah OK you have fun with that.  I’ll be taking a nap if you need me.  Like if you really wanted to do those things because they brought you joy, you would just, you know, do them without pressuring yourself?

So… I love this blog but I just need to keep it a joyful thing and not a losing-sleep thing.  I promise I will cover this and other topics as conditions permit. Mwah.  Valentine’s smoochies to all of you.



One thought on “A Word From Your Host

  1. 1: Napping is so much better than all of those things you listed. Barre class? Psssh. I’ll be in the corner with my snuggie.
    2: You are the best and I’ll love whatever you blog about it when you chose to blog it up.
    3: Not gonna lie, I was super worried about you even though you are a total stranger and I am so relieved to know nothing bad happened. (I’m not a weirdo, I swear) (I think Lace said the same thing)
    Now … go catch some zzzz’s

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