Fail at Blogging Like Becker

Hello again, my long-lost yet beloved blog.  *Runs up gives it WWII parade kiss* Sorry for all the neglect.  What can I say? Busy parenting, freelancing, picking stuff up off the floor (I spend approx. 87% of my day in this capacity), watching Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making The Team 10, eating cheese, etc.

I did have one piece of news to share:


Look! Baby feet! I grew those.  Also, birthed them.  A couple weeks ago.  A lot has changed since 2012 when I couldn’t go nine seconds without updating you with every detail about being pregnant.  Partly because I’ve struggled to find time (see litany of excuses above with a special emphasis on the cheese component), and partly because I’ve just found myself being a lot more protective of Frogson’s privacy since actually having him.

It’s not because I don’t think pregnancy blogging is awesome.  I read somewhere a criticism of it– that people who write about pregnancy and birth think they are the first person ever to do these things, blah blah.  I really disagree.  That’s exactly the cool thing about them– that they are the most boring, primal, been-done-a-million-times, total non-events– and at the same time, they’re absolute miracles of life and biology.

Do you know how brilliantly and intricately the human shoulder is designed? Google that crap, people.  We learned about it in Yoga school.  One of my classmates was pregnant at the time and I remember thinking WHOA, her body is building one of those, like, at this moment.  TRIPPY.

Anyway, to return to what I was trying to say before I veered off on Exit Infinity Towards Tangentville, I hope you will stick around because I’m making a renewed effort to write more.  It’s fun, it’s therapeutic, I get to torment the masses with my inane word vomit because the people who live with me are tired of hearing it– what’s not to like.

I will be starting with something I’m ABSURDLY EXCITED to write down– the birth story of our new little person.  (Henceforth, Frogette.  She’s a girl frog if you couldn’t tell from her neon pink stripey leggings that I’m a little jealous of her ability to pull off, not gonna lie).  Frogson’s birth story is one of my favorite things I’ve written down (freaking miserable as it was) and I still love re-reading it.  You can busy yourself with that in the meantime if you like.

Thanks for reading, friends.  Internet smooches to all of you.


7 thoughts on “Fail at Blogging Like Becker

  1. Congratulations! I’m new to your website, and blogging in general, but I already love your writing style. Can’t wait to keep reading!

  2. Congratulations!!! I am also expecting its an exciting journey. Can’t wait to read about yours. I am new to this and blogging, but your writing is awesome!!

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