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Thoughts on a Striped Baby Gap Shirt

My and Jeff’s families had baby showers for me back when I was 7 or 8 months pregnant– just about two years ago I guess.  By that point I was kind of getting used to the idea of being the mother to a tiny little newborn baby.  I remember opening a few clothes that were size 9 months and thinking, Whooooooa what the heck kind of huge monster baby fits into this?!

Then I remember my one aunt bought me a shirt and a hat in 12 months, and a t-shirt in 2T.  That really freaked me out.  WHOOAAA you guys this is like for a BIG KID I told the encircled women.  I could maybe figure out how to manage a newborn, but newborns become KIDS and don’t kids like… walk around and stuff? That sounds beyond my skillset.

As Frogson grew we accumulated some other bigger clothes via gifts and hand-me-downs.  I kept them in some storage drawers in his closet.  The clothes looked so big I remembered thinking they would probably fit him when he was three or four.  That seemed so far away and I made a mental note to make sure I remembered to get them out of the drawers.

The other day it was chilly and I perused his on-deck-for-fall drawer for pants and long sleeve shirt.  I opened up the super-big-kid drawer just for fun.  Wait… this will probably fit him this fall.  This too.  THIS TOO.  Including his 2T striped t-shirt from his shower.  I recalled the memory so clearly and it was such a powerful feeling, realizing we had made it to this stage that two years ago felt so far away and surreal.



This is him, today, three days away from 20 months…

We park the car and I go back to put his shoes on.  We keep all his shoes in the car and don’t put them on until we arrive at our destination; otherwise he pulls them off and spends the ride chewing on them.  Foul.  I know they aren’t his favorite but I try to put his flip flops on– they’re so easy to get on and off.  He’s on to me.  He protests. (shooshooshooshooshooshoo!) He wants to wear his velcro sneakers.  I put them on.  He smiles contentedly. (shoooooooooo.) “You’re happy with your red shoes on, huh?” (APPPy!)

He looks at my coffee cup. (haaaahhhht.) “Yep, my cup is hot, what about yours?” I hold his frozen peach smoothie up to his pudgy little toddler paws.  (cooooooooooh.)  Insect flying above.  (beeeeeeeeee.)  Goldendoodle sitting behind him.  (woof!) Eye contact with a stranger.  (HI!)

We go to leave; he carries  his smoothie.  The woman says to her goldendoodle, watch out for the little boy! Little boy? Huh.  Well I’ll be.  Go figure. My little boy in his 2T Baby Gap shirt.  In the words of a wise 1980s musical artist… Well, how did I get here?


10 thoughts on “Thoughts on a Striped Baby Gap Shirt

  1. It happens so quickly. Not to cause even more angst, but before you can blink, he will be a teenager (like mine, whom I swear was just wearing 2T clothes yesterday, and now is nearly as tall as I).

  2. I look at my baby boy and am shocked every day how long his legs are and how big his feet are! He was just born yesterday! (that’s what it feels like anyway) And now my adorable like 17 moth old is getting taller and taller and has opinions (he’s had those since he was tiny) and get angry with me… I watch my little peanut in amazement as he expresses happiness, pride, frustration and all sorts of complex emotions… And his legs are getting long!

    I think that’s why people have more kids after they’ve sworn never to do this again.

  3. My only baby just turned 19 months, and I can SO relate to this post! I still have a newborn outfit of hers hanging in the closet that we were supposed to bring her home in, but it was too big, and now it looks like she could maybe fit a leg and half an arm in it! It goes so, so fast.

  4. My youngest of six children is now almost 14 years old!!! And although I’m no longer mommy of a little one, I do love reading the blogs about your personal experiences… because you are so open and honest about the good and not so good challenges of parenting. As I read your own personal experiences, it really takes me back to those precious moments when I had these experiences with mine, … and so, I know just what you are talking about, and I must admit, some of the blogs make me cry, but in a good way. I think all moms have been (or will be) here, there, and where ever else your blogs lead us to… and hopefully, those that haven’t are learning from your stories. Thanks for all of the smiles, even for the little tears that I might shed time to time when missing having little in the house! I do hope that you are loving every moment you have with him… because let me tell ya… it does not last long!!! These days, I’m waiting for one of my older kids (oldest is 25) to tell me I’ll be a grandma! 🙂 Keep the stories coming, they’re great!

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