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Products to Boost Your Earth Mother Street Cred

I felt like writing today, but not the kind of writing that requires thinking.  Instead I just wanted to sing the praises of a few things I really like.  I myself really value personal recommendations from others, so I want to give back to the system.  Nothing is sponsored or anything.  I’m just easily excitable.

Ugh, here’s the thing about “being green” or whatever.  It’s a slippery slope.  I used to think I was making the right choice getting Snackwell cookies instead of Oreos.  Then I thought I was making the right choice getting a Luna Bar instead of Snackwell cookies.  Then I thought I was making the right choice getting a piece of fruit instead of a Luna Bar.  THEN I realized I am ONLY making the right choice if I’m eating ORGANIC fruit from Whole Foods, or a quaint Instagram farm stand, or from my literal backyard.  You can see how it’s a recipe for psychosis.  One day I’m a normal girl enjoying my life and eating Snackwell cookies and the next day it’s DRYER SHEETS, FRIEND OR FOE?

So even though I buy organic stuff like a sucker, and even though the EWG database puts the fear of God into me, I can’t take all of it TOO seriously or I just… wouldn’t sleep at night.

Products to Boost Your Earth Mother Street Cred -- Mineral Deodorant

Actually I got onto this from my friend Luna a few years ago.  This thing contains nothing other than some kind of mineral rock inside a plastic container.  I don’t know, don’t ask questions.  Trust the rock.  Its main draw is of course its organicy-ness… but it’s so much more than that! (Gah two minutes into this and already I sound like the Sham Wow guy with my infomercial lines.)  But no joke, this is actually the best deodorant I’ve ever used.  I always had serious problems with becoming immune to deodorants.  I would need to buy a new one like every month so I’d have like 10 of them in a drawer.  Irritating.  They still never worked.  Clinical strength? More like Clinical… STENCH! (lololololololololol).  This is reliable.  It also lasts forever… I think I had my last stone for 2 years.  The only irritation is that you really have to commit to your deodorant application to make it work.  You have to spend a good 60 seconds slathering it on.  It’s worth the trouble though.

Products to Boost Your Earth Mother Street Cred -- Tea tree oil face wash

I had used Benzoyl Peroxide products for years and tried a few times to find something different.  Except every time I tried to change to something more natural, my face would be like HAHAHA oh that’s cute, here’s a mustache of blackheads to remind you who’s boss here.   Somewhere I read to try tea tree oil, and it works wonderfully.  Better than the yucky stuff even.  Disclaimer: Jeff doesn’t like it, citing that “the label falls off.”  This isn’t really a deal breaker for me, but if label longevity is important to you, this is not your product.  My mom also tried mine and didn’t like it, claiming “it tastes bad”. (“Mom, do I need to ask the obvious question as to why you’re eating face wash?”)

Products to Boost Your Earth Mother Street Cred -- desert essence moisturizer

I seriously have to break out the worst blogging cliche to tell you I’M OBSESSED with this moisturizer.  The tea tree oil does leave your face kind of  dry (I run oily, so I’m OK with this), and this moisturizer is like a big ol’ drink of water.  I’ve also finally gotten serious about daily SPF on my face, so it accomplishes that too.

Products to Boost Your Earth Mother Street Cred -- almond milk

This is a recent love that I have to credit to its commercial, as much as that makes me sound like a sheep.  Do you know the one? Where the guy has a conversation in his kitchen with the animated dude with the almond head?  Almond-head-guy spoke to me apparently, and I realized the only reason I hadn’t considered almond milk was because I assumed it tasted bad, and I had decided without trying it that I wouldn’t like it.  It now goes in my coffee instead of dairy milk.  It’s got a lot more going on for it nutritionally.  A welcome substitution.

Products to Boost Your Earth Mother Street Cred -- Dole chopped salad

Vegetables are a struggle for me. Where the magic really happens nutritionally is in dark greens and colorful veggies, as you know.  But ain’t nobody got time to prep a bunch of veggies on a regular basis.  Maybe in the future, but now? Just no.  I turn my back for two seconds and Frogson is climbing something, dumping something out, or generally requiring a safety intervention of some kind.  This is just not a home where peppers get Julienned.   These delicious bags have a base of romaine, kale, carrots, cabbage, and green onions.  They’re pricey but 100% worth it because the work is all done for you and I never worry about anything going to waste.  I really am quite in love with these effers.

Products to Boost Your Earth Mother Street Cred -- birds eye veggies

See above about ain’t nobody got time to prep a bunch of veggies.  These aren’t perfect, their ingredients don’t totally check out, but they are vegetables so DEAL WITH IT.  There’s one that’s broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots in a cheese sauce– and my friends, it tastes like Kraft mac and cheese.  Except… vegetables! Win!

Phew.  That’s enough veggie talk for one night.  What’s on your list?



12 thoughts on “Products to Boost Your Earth Mother Street Cred

  1. On my list is to write a post as good as this one! Really funny and informative stuff here! And “antiperspirock” or “deodorock” (which name do I like better?) I never knew what my underarms have been missing! Thanks.

  2. Every time I visit your blog I learn something new. This is fantastic, I mean, I am actually going to go and research dryer sheets now because FRIEND OR FOE I want to know AND I DON’T EVEN OWN A DRYER.

    Also: I am suspicious about rubbing rocks in my armpits but am willing to try.

    1. Umm spoiler alert dryer sheets are a foe. Or so “they” say. FYI if a dryer ever makes its way into your life.

      Rub the rock in your armpits and tell me it doesn’t change your life!

  3. Hi there! My name is Becky and I came across your blog via Pinterest during an impromptu honeymoon road trip from Oregon to Washington, D.C. You had me hooked with your post on what baby stuff one ACTUALLY needs, and after that I think I probably killed my phone’s battery and exceeded my data plan reading your entries. You are hysterical and your blog is a joy to read!

    I popped in the other day and was so excited to see this post! I just started (like, this week) an online shop that carries 100% natural and plant-based skincare from incredible independent makers all across the country… you might find even more things to boost your earth mama street cred 😉 The website is and everything is 10% off right now!

    Anyhow, thanks for having such a lovely blog and I’ll look forward to following!

    Take care,

  4. Hey guys, i would appreciate if you had a look on my blog based on personal development and shared it if you felt the words, support the cause young man on a mission …. hope you enjoy

  5. I came across your post and thought, “How cool! Someone obsessed with deodorant like me!” Well, maybe obsessed is a strong word but I’m glad to read your take on the crystal rocks. I shattered mine years ago and miss it ever so much but never replaced it because I’ve become a sort of deodorant explorer since I, too, become immune to them after a while. I’d love your opinion on my homemade stuff if one day you feel crafty: So far, it’s been working great…but I may be biased…

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