The Cloth Diaper That Made Me Question Everything


Lower right: the diaper from the buttocks of Lucifer himself.

Upper left: the assailant, cleansing himself of his sins against humanity.  (Via Burt’s Bees and some floating turtles, duh.)

People, I do not know what to do with this beast of Hell.  I’ve never seen anything like it in my 14 months of cloth diapering.  What caused this? Is it Jupiter in the tenth house? Is my child the reincarnation of Vlad the Impaler or some other despised despot? WAS IT THE LIMA BEANS? Probably the lima beans.

It remains locked in the bathroom until I can think of some way to, how do I say this delicately, free the impossibly adhered excrement.  I am deciding between eating the $17 and completely throwing it out, or painstakingly trudging the hose out of the basement and hooking it up outside so I can power wash it in 30 degree darkness.

Either way, disposable diapers get the point today.



5 thoughts on “The Cloth Diaper That Made Me Question Everything

  1. Ugh. But I know what you are talking of. even though my 14-month old has been on disposable diapers since birth, once in a while I do use cotton ones and those days I cannot put a single morsel in my mouth.

  2. Oh Sarah, I remember those (gag)! Steady yourself and hang in there, your diaper days will end and the memories will fade!

  3. Have you only use cloth diapers or do you alternate? Is it worth it most days? We are debating now whether it’s worth saving money and trying cloth…

    1. Oh yea, I normally have nothing but good things to say. Like I said, it was only this one diaper that made me question it all : ) We use disposables for the usual stuff like being away from the house and traveling; we are also currently using them overnight until I finally break baby from nighttime nursing. (With the overnight milk he pees through even overnight inserts). Anyway, I’ll stop before I get carried away with diaper TMI, I definitely love them!! I will probably do another update on them here on the blog soon.

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