Sometimes I will stumble on a blog that comes from what I believe is the genre known as “fashion blogging” and I wonder who these women are are getting to take 25 pictures of them every day.  It must be their husbands or SOs, right? I’ve always wondered how those couples handle those exchanges with straight faces.  Take a picture of me up against this tree. Take a picture so it looks like I’m walking.  Now I’m going to look away from the camera and push my hair behind my face, take a picture of that.  Are they at least laughing at themselves?

Yesterday I had to make such a request.  “Jeff, I need something to put on the blog, take a picture of me eating these ants on a log.” Answered with, “Yea your blog is lacking lately.”


So there is that for you.  I’ll be back again soon with something involving more brain cells.  Maybe. Same excuses, different day.  Smell you all soon!


12 thoughts on “Hi

  1. I too have not been blogging lately, I’m guessing it because of the lack of motivation brought on by the fact that we in Michigan are surrounded by more snow than most have seen in their lives. Hopefully your post will give me the inspiration I need to write something small and quirky like this, thanks.

  2. When I was in Europe travelling I was always amazing at other people’s capacities to pose for photos. My travelling companion and I would watch them (rather than the view they were posed in front of) fascinated that not only did they not break out into laughter mid pose, but they seemed blissfully unaware of both other people looking at them and their SO’s taking the photo. So I think these same people are your fashion bloggers, whose SOs trail behind them catching them “in the moment”, with absolutely no sense of irony or embarrassment.

  3. ANTS ON A LOG I did not know this was a thing and now I am full of knowledge and a burning desire to buy raisins to make this thing happen! so, thank you.

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