Sorry I’ve been missing– get ready for 48 stereotypical blogger explanations! 

1.  I’m effing tired.  Creative excuse, I know.  I am tired and bitter about all the stoopid advice in every single piece of content written to a female audience about fatigue.  “Mid afternoon slump hitting hard? Don’t reach for that third cup of coffee! Try a brisk walk around the block, a refreshing piece of fruit, or a quick meditation!”  Eye roll.  Guess what.  I tried those things.  They made me more tired. 

2.  I’m busy.  WHOA now we’re really getting to some groundbreaking explanation material over here! I’m doing my best to take advantage of baby nap/baby bedtime to really get some good work hours in.  I need to prioritize work because it sustains my ability to be a full time mom during baby’s waking hours, which is an arrangement I am hell bent on continuing to make work for us.  It just leaves me effing exhausted (see no. 1).  So sadly el bloggo sometimes has to wait its turn. 

3.  Technical annoyances.  I was all excited to show you a hilarious item that ended up in my inbox yesterday; all I wanted to do was post one quick screen shot and I just couldn’t get the stupid pixels right and the picture kept showing up super duper teeny weeny no matter what I did.  WHAT IS THIS, A SCREEN SHOT FOR ANTS? I got frustrated and gave up.  Now you’ll never know what the hilarious item was.  Actually I’ll tell you.  It just doesn’t pack the same punch as reading it for yourself.  The item was that Dental Implants Las Vegas is now following me on Pinterest.  I’ve made the big time, y’all!

4.  Perhaps you’d like to follow me on Twitter? 140 characters is less daunting sometimes.  I also was alerted by a benevolent reader that the link on the right to follow me on Twitter was bad (meaning it’s always been bad– oops).  So, yea, clicking it now will be a more satisfying experience. 

OK.  More soon.  Play on, playas. 


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