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The Minimalist’s Diaper Bag

My Minimalist’s Field Guide to Baby Crap seemed to go over well with people, so I thought I’d do a little more yammering on a related topic.  The dreaded diaper bag.

The Minimalist's Diaper Bag | Bend it Like Becker

As a clutterphobe, the only thing scarier than crap inside the house is being bogged down by crap outside the house.  This is what I can handle: a handbag.  One of them.  Anything more and I am struggling and fumbling and getting irritated.  Winter is the time where you can find me running around without a coat, because I’d rather freeze on my walk into the grocery store than lug a coat around the whole time I’m in there.  Fun fact.  OMG BE IN AWE OF MY QUIRKINESS.

Thus, the diaper clutch was born.  Pen for scale:


And yes, a few people have remarked “cool diaper bag!” and I’m like IT’S A DIAPER CLUTCH, NOT A BAG, SHOW IT SOME RESPECT YOU BLUBBERING NINNY.  Here is why the clutch is awesome: It nests inside a bag.  Any bag! So whatever toting apparatus you are headed out of the house with, you can just throw this guy in.  If I’m leaving the house without baby, I can yank it out and leave it with Jeff in case he goes out and needs it.


Inside are all the things you really need to change a baby.  A blanket to put down, pancaked with precision.  A few diaps and a thing of wipes, durr.  A grocery bag in case I need to bring a dirty cloth diap home.  A change of clothes in the event of a poosplosion, and you better believe that item has come in RATHER HANDY on a few occasions.


And there it sits.  Yea, it is still a pretty big space hog inside the bag, but I appreciate that it’s created an anti-clutter trickle down effect, in that it keeps me from lugging around more stuff than I really need.  Thus I earn major Yoga street cred. Winning!

Duh, sometimes you do need to bring more than the poop management basics, so anything else we need I just chuck right in there.  A few other things I can think of that have helped with that.  A pacifier holder, back during the pacifier days I had this clipped right to the outside of my bag, because everyone knows SECONDS COUNT when you have a screamer on your hands, and this saves you even 10 seconds of digging.  For when you need to bring baby food somewhere: Dr. Brown’s stackable cups.  Love them.  You can throw them right in because the things are impenetrable and won’t spew food all over your bag like the time my Tupperware spilled shrimp juice aboard public transportation.

Nine months into the first year and I’ve always been very happy with it.  And yea, calm down all of you haters, DISCLAIMER, I’m aware that babies may get more high maintenance as they age.  I will cross any future bridges, obviously.  I’m also aware of the luxury of him being my first, and if we are blessed with future babies, I know it’s a possibility they could completely devastate any remaining order in my life.  More of the bridge crossing.  Very worthy bridges.


14 thoughts on “The Minimalist’s Diaper Bag

  1. Ugh. I am so envious of this. If I don’t leave the house with about 2.3 lbs of useless stupid baby toys that the kid throws on the floor, I’ll get a sunburn from the vicious eye glares of non-kid-loving strangers for not keeping Luke entertained so therefore he entertains himself by singing…loudly…to himself…btw. poosplosion…i die. we ride the poo poo express to poo town whenever he knows I have no clothes for him. no respect.

  2. Bahaha… I have officially given up on bringing toys because yea, we get about 9 seconds out of them before they end up on a nasty floor. Poor return on investment. And also because my child is massively entertained by easily accessible things like lids, straws, pieces of paper, etc. Haha I can usually come up with stuff on the fly. I’m enjoying these months because I have a feeling I won’t be able to get away with that forever!!! : )

  3. I gave up on the whole diaper bag thing LONG AGO. Diaper tote for me- not a clutter-phobe, those damn pockets left me searching and digging like a damn gopher every time I needed that one toy…

  4. I gave up in the purse diaper bag combo. Put all my essentials in the big diaper bag with both of my kids diapers and essentials and called it good. Your essentials are the same as mine, I just add nursing cover. People in deep east Texas frown at whipping it out to feed in public…..

    1. The red and white one?? Target!! : D (The origin of all amazing things). It’s like a year and a half old though so not sure if it’s still around : /

  5. I have older boys along with my baby girl, so I have to have things like band aids, antibacterial spray, bug bite soother etc. lol. My diaper bag is like 15 pounds.

  6. I find with soo many small kids I have too much. I minimize down to a small bag and then always it balloons up again! I have 2 in diapers (diff sizes) though and a very messy preschooler. So thats 3 clothes (go for small sundress in warm months), 2-4 diapers, wipes (always feel the need to bring giant pack in case of mess), and maybe a blanket to change on (but really I forego that a lot!) and I always forget any of the numerous wet bags or plastic bags for when we forget and have cloth diaper out!

  7. I read this post and minimalist guide to baby crap and I jut have to say I have never laughed so hard! I am Prego with baby #4 and became a minimalist several babies ago lol. I don’t even carry a purse. Just phone and license and money. I hate a coat also. And my kids are lucky if they get out of the house fully dressed. Just want to say thanks for these posts and the reminder that I don’t need a zillion things to have a baby!!

  8. This is pretty much all you need, almost ever. It gets dicey around toilet training time, but once that’s over its back to more or less basic. I have the above clutch for my baby, plus a pair of spare knickers, a small water bottle and small snack for my three year old. And a couple band aids. My kid is as coordinated as me. I do keep a small kid pack in the car (extra wipes and water bottle, sunscreen, hats, a change of clothes for each kid, a garbage bag, disinfectant spray and upholstery wipes. This is because I have dealt with the emergency known as car vomit. The one time I got caught without these items was quite simply horrifying) but it just stays tucked away in the boot.

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