Misc Pinterest Fodder

I’ve been noticing a lot of traffic coming over from Pinterest so it inspired me to share a few things.  Partly for the good of humanity and partly because I’m a whore for page views.  What can I say, I’m tired of sitting around waiting for my book deal to come in.  Jeff is sick of toiling away at his day job waiting to begin his life as Stedman.  And if Pinterest can help with that task, then I have no shame.  OK maybe a little shame.

Side note: Pinterest has been grinding my gears big time for the last year or so.  I really hate that it’s been taken over by commercial entities.  For some entities it makes sense, but others it’s just, like, a social media box they are checking.  And they’re not bringing anything substantive to the table.  Do you know what I’m talking about here? Like…. I don’t have to look but I’m sure there is a corporate account for… Club crackers.  With boards like “Things That Go Great with Club Crackers!”, “Club Crackers Through History!”, “Unexpected Things You Can Use Club Crackers For!”.  Lame.


Spices on the fridge.  Not to toot my own vuvuzela, but people go bananas when they see this at my house.  Their next question: “Did you see that on Pinterest?” GAWD, NO, CAN’T A PERSON HAVE AN ORIGINAL IDEA ANYMORE? Actually, I kind of did.  I saw something like this.  But come on, that is way too structured and orderly for the Becker household.  Also it looks like you have to buy something, then transfer spices into it.   WTF.  Seriously.  I just went to Home Depot and got some little magnets and super glued them on, and now it’s this colorful little space-saving corner.  And I get to be FUNKY and COOL like Rachel Greene.  Winning.

This is my BFF Michele.  Everyone say Hi, Michele!


She’s getting married.  I’ve been having way too much fun playing crafty bridesmaid.  For one of her bachelorette nights out I made her this JUMBO version of a bachelorette scavenger hunt and let me tell you, it was a crowd pleaser.  You can make it with the side of a big box and some poster board.  And tether on a sharpie for your checking-off convenience.


We also had a bachelorette beach day and I made this cooler.  I regret I only got this crappy picture from my grandma Pantech phone.  As I told everyone, I have more pride in this cooler than any other accomplishment in my life.  It’s true.

Lastly… remember my lazy person’s solution to our walk-out basement trash can dilemma? I quickly improved upon my first design concept and now it’s a pretty good system.  Went to the outdoor store and got two carabiners and some lightweight rope, and now it’s permanently anchored to the deck and easily clips on and off the can for trash day.  Again, there is pride.

back deck trash solution

Sorry for the Pinterest whore captioning but it doesn’t make sense otherwise.




2 thoughts on “Misc Pinterest Fodder

  1. I am going to do the spice thing on my fridge, except instead of spices, it will be pill bottles filled with various narcotics. I hypothesize this will make me popular.

  2. I literally just sent the following email to my boyfriend about your trashcan idea: “omg. this would have revolutionized my trash-taking-out capacity at my old house! Caribiners (sp?) on both ends, so you can yank the lid up and take the rope off for trash day. i only regret that now i do not have my trash cans below my deck/patio…”

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