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Thoughts on God, Cabbage

One of the things in religion that’s always fascinated me is the idea of revelation.  The moments where you stop and notice something about life or about the world around you, and it affirms your faith in a creator.


Today I peeled and chopped up a red cabbage.  Can’t say I’d ever done that in all my years.  I am a big fan of the vegetable when it conveniently appears in my fish tacos, or in the pre-packaged salad bags at the grocery store, or speckled in the cross-section of spring roll.  But I’d definitely never thrown a big ol’ head of the stuff in my shopping cart.

But yesterday my parents gave me one out of their garden.  (DIY! Localganic! WHERE’S MY PRIZE!)  And have you ever stopped and studied a head of cabbage? I peeled back the first few layers, then chopped it into wedges when the layers got too tight.  It was really… beautiful? Beautiful pattern, beautiful color, beautiful leaves of the stuff just toppling out every time I drove in the knife.

Nature is full of so many everyday miracles, isn’t it? It never fails to completely and totally blow my mind.  Humans screw up every single thing we put our hands on.  But cabbages are works of art, birds migrate, snow falls, teeny tiny sea turtle hatchlings make mad dashes to the sea.

Stop and reflect.

(Also tell me WTF to do with a giant Tupperware dish full of cabbage shreds because I’m not sure.)


7 thoughts on “Thoughts on God, Cabbage

  1. I did that when staring at my little man’s eyeball the other day. Like holy moly this iris!!! It’s so blue! And all the speckles! And the way it expands and contracts when looking at me and woah that was a loud burp. But the eyeball–divinely inspired for sure!!!

    No help on the cabbage, but I agree, it’s pretty awesome looking. Thanks for sharing your deep thoughts. They make me happy 🙂

    1. Whoa, dude, don’t even get me started on higher level biology stuff like that. Totally mind blowing when you think about it too much!!

  2. You can always steam and freeze the leftover cabbage for a rainy day…Chop it, steam it for 2-3 minutes, cool it in a cold water bath until it’s cooled down, pack it into freezer ziploc bags, suck out the air, pop ‘er in your freezer and you’re done. Then you can use it in soups, stirfrys, you name it.

    Don’t get me started on the day I realized that trees look like lungs. Wow.

  3. For every god affirming cabbage miracle, there seems to be a creator “mistake” that calls everything into question… I think you alluded to one in a recent post. It was in one of your ALL CAPS rants… something about “PURPOSELESS DECORATIVE MAN NIPPLES” 🙂

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