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Hi Sorry

Gah, I’m a terrible person.  I failed at my baby picture bribe– it’s reminding me of that moment from Old School (“I did my part now you do yours! That’s how bribes work!”).  What I meant when I said I had it queued up was that I would queue it up, except then we went out of town for a week and a half and that task didn’t quite make the cut in the pre-trip-pack-all-the-infant-stuff hysteria.  Pinky swear it will be here for you tomorrow– I just  wanted to apologize with my tail between my legs first.  Today I tried to send a text and, no joke, my phone said “Error: General Problems” and I was like YES.  ERROR GENERAL PROBLEMS THAT IS MY LIFE.

Here’s some smug beach pictures to make it all better! I thought it would be fun to run a comparison… remember that photo on the left?! This is the difference of just about a year… back then baby was, I don’t know, an eggplant or a butternut squash or something?


Not sure how I managed to be thinner back when I was 21 weeks pregnant BUT WHATEVER.

Chooch also enjoyed getting a break from the stress of his dog life…


Anyway, hi, sorry, error, baby pictures tomorrow, I love you summer.


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