All Aboard

My darlings my readers– as I’m sure everyone is aware, Google Reader’s demise draws ever nigh.  I for one will be spending the weekend lovingly feeding it chocolate covered strawberries, taking bubble baths with it, linking hands with it and twirling in a meadow, and engaging in many other grandiose displays of affection.  I really do love it that much.

I’m not quite sure where to refer you to, since I myself haven’t really decided what to do with my big ol’ Santa list of blogs.  I’ll probably get all 2005 up in here and save them in my favorites and click on links like a grandma until I figure out something better.

I do hope you will, at any rate, take my humble little URL along for your journey.  (Conveniently provided here: https://benditlikebecker.wordpress.com)

I have also taken the liberty of constructing the official Bend it Like Becker Google Reader Ark:

Google Reader Ark

It is a wonderful place– full of conga lines, crudely drawn rock fingers and beach balls, sweet jams, and a boozey punch bowl.  Passengers will also get a complimentary coconut filled with boobmilk (with an umbrella in it DUH).

AND, as if the ark is not appealing enough in itself, HERE IS A BRIBE.  Next week I have a Day in the Life post queued up, chock full of Frogson pictures.  I like keeping his profile low around here, but for the 99.4% of you readers who are not on the registered sex offender list, I do want to give you a glimpse at his adorable little baby self every now and then.  He has been here for almost six months (and has more than doubled his weight!) since his first and only real appearance! I will leave it up for a few days but probably pull it down after that.

In all semi-seriousness, thank you for reading my word vomit/stories about boobs and placentas/MS Paint monstrosities.  It means a lot and I hope you’ll stick around.




3 thoughts on “All Aboard

  1. I tried feedly and bloglovin and very much prefer the latter. The app is nice too. If you sign up before google reader goes away all of your blogs are just magically there when you open it.

  2. I second the nod to Bloglovin. Migrate before it’s too late! It was easy-peasy for me, cuz it just swallowed up all my google reader blogs. Took 2 secs. Yay!

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