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State of the Baby Butt (Diaper Update)

A couple people have asked me how the cloth diapering is going so I am inspired to blab a little about it… (you may have heard one criticism of cloth diapering is that cloth diaper mothers don’t shut up about cloth diapers… it’s probably true).

The short story is that I do really like them! Here is my… (I want to say ‘two cents’ but I hate that stupid expression)… here is my… I don’t know.  Let the word vomit floodgates open.  Emphasis mine in case you want the shortened word vomit version.

The bottom line is that diapering is annoying no matter what you do.  I’m not going to tell you that I LOVE LOVE LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT because containing another individual’s excrement is challenging and occasionally nasty.

Speaking of excrement, you will also have poop encounters no matter what you do.  They are not some magical panacea for this.  But in my estimation they do outperform disposables in the poop containment category.  We do battle with leaks but I’ve definitely never had a blowout, and every time I put a disposable on Frogson I’m all “UHHH are we sure this is up for the job?!” because they’re so light and tiny and thin, whereas the cloth diaps are these puffy, beastly monstrosities that give you a lot of confidence they will hold up their end of the deal.  The puff factor is both pleasant and annoying– annoying in that I do sometimes struggle to get clothes over them, and have had to retire some outfits early– but pleasant in that it provides this nice little fulcrum when you handle baby.  I can’t explain it, but he’s easier to carry in a cloth diap.  And when he’s in his sling with a lot of weight on his crotch, I also appreciate that it gives him a little extra cushioning and support there.

The learning curve is annoying.  Read this and tell me it’s not more confusing than anything you read in college.  It took me a while to figure out the perfect combo of detergent, laundry cycles, drying strategy, and laundering frequency to get good wash results.  Which is annoying to go through when you have a 3 week old and already enough on your plate, and at times I’ll admit I was like GAH CANNOT DEAL, WHAT DID I GET MYSELF INTO.  But a few more weeks and it was second nature, and now I’m like a Ph.D. in diaper laundry and I can troubleshoot stuff very easily.

It is a lot of laundry.  The minimum you have to wash them is every other day so there’s really no way around the laundry.  Oh and it’s not just throw them in and they’re done, it’s a freaking headache of a double wash cycle and an extra rinse, so I have the massive first world problem of having to make four trips to the basement and I whine to myself that we should have bought the house with the laundry on the second floor.  That said, the laundry actually won’t annoy you as much as you think.  It really doesn’t faze me at all actually.  There are so many other adjustments that come with a new baby, I laugh that I worried extra laundry would bother me. 🙂

Even with all that I still believe the benefits to be worth it.  The biggest benefit in my mind being, you only need to buy diapers once! I bought them on a Black Friday sale and got like 35% off or something really sweet; I honestly feel like for what we spent, even after only 3 months we would be breaking even soon with the cost.  I had to buy newborn disposies as we were waiting for his cord stump to fall off, and they are really expensive for something a baby wears for 2 hours for the sole purpose of crapping in.  I like that we’re not slaves to a diaper supply, nobody’s ever had to do a midnight run to the 24 hour CVS… they go into the wash and come out ready to rock again.  Dig it!

I also think they are somehow “fresher.”  I know that “fresh” isn’t what comes to mind when you think about cloth diapers, but they really are! First off, the spray we use on them (Bac-Out) smells SO GOOD.  If you don’t believe me, I challenge any woman in America to come over to my house, put her face in my diaper pail, and sniff.  You can actually do that to my diaper pail and it smells good.  YES THIS IS MY LIFE, SNIFFING MY DIAPER PAIL.  Whenever I put Frogson into a disposie, he kind of has a general diapery scent to him.  Which isn’t bad, it’s kind of “the baby smell,” but still.  Oh and the actual poo smell is much more subdued in the cloth.  Win.

I would sum this up by saying yes they are annoying but I just plain like them.  I like them the way that you like a certain colleague, in that I just like working with them.  I just feel good about what I’m putting on my boy’s butt.

OK, enough tripe! Reward for those that have made it to the end… butt picture parade! (Oh, and he wears BumGenius 4.0– picked just because in my super non-scientific research it seemed like they were the most popular and well reviewed).




9 thoughts on “State of the Baby Butt (Diaper Update)

    1. Oh lord yes… I DREAD the day I have to contend with the solid food poops. The BF poos are so harmless I haven’t had any issues just putting them in the pail as-is. So I may consider the sprayer later… it just sounds so horrible, hahaha. I’ve also heard you can just push the poop off with a spatula?? I don’t think there’s a good way to do this, hahaha.

  1. So you spray the diaper with Bac-Out before putting in the pail? Will that help with staining? Have to give that a shot. Just started D on cloth diaps (at 11 weeks), and our first wash cycle came out with a few VERY light stains, still. They’re super light and will probably bleach out in the sun (hooray for nicer, hanging-outside weather!), but it would be nice to be able to prevent them in the future. I did a cold pre-wash, then a hot wash with cold rinse. Am thinking I need to do a cold SOAK, rather than just a pre-wash, to help with staining, as well? Even with the minor staining, I am LOVING being a cd mama!

    1. Yea, I hit the pooper diaps with bac-out before they go in. Although technically it’s an ‘enzyme’ cleaner which technically the manufacturer doesn’t recommend? Whatevs, seems fine so far and it seems like everyone does it. : ) I do the same routine you described and still get staining too, it’s annoying. The covers come out clear but not the inserts. They do clear up in the sun but yea, annoying. I tried the soaking and it didn’t seem to improve anything enough for me to justify the 5th basement run! : ) But let me know if you have good luck!!!!

  2. Love this! I’ve been a CD mom for 19 months and love it (although I will admit it gets much grosser once they start eating solids, enjoy those milk poops!) Where did you get the adorable diaper with the animals on it?

    1. It’s a new bum genius print! So cute! And yea I’m really really really glad I can get warmed up with the BF poos before these fabled solid poos start. I fear.

  3. Have you had problems with diaper rash in cloth? Bum genius says you can’t use creams with their diapers, but my baby gets a rash every time we put her in one! Then it’s back in disposables with cream until the rash clears… And I stare at my pile of (expensive!!!) cloth diapers terrified to put them on her poor tush!

  4. Oh no!!! Are you just starting with them? That’s the only time we had rashes. I think because I rolled my eyes at the directions that said to wash five times before using. Once we went through a bunch of cycles they were OK. I also think BG is a little conservative with their directions about not using creams and stuff with the diapers, just to cover their butts (omg. sorry about pun.). Because we’ve always used Angel Baby Bottom Balm and treated with enzyme cleaner (both BG will tell you not to do) and after 14 months they are still in great shape.

    The detergent we use has a good troubleshooting guide on rashes… maybe some help??

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