Reading Rainbow

Reading Rainbow

Crap, I haven’t  done a book update in forever.  Forever.  So here is some fiction stuff that’s been queued up forever.  (Forever).  Unfortunately my reading has been usurped by boring baby stuff in the last few months, so maybe I’ll do a separate post for that stuff too.  And remember to go be my BFF on Goodreads if you’re into that.

A Thousand Acres

I had about 2 minutes to pick something out before the library closed and ended up with this guy.  Desperate library tip: if you see 10 copies of a book lined up on the shelf, that means at some point, probably in 2002 but who cares, the book was really popular and in heavy rotation.  Usually a solid bet.  Indeed this was a popular book and even a Michelle Pfeiffer movie apparently, and for me it was pretty OK.  It was a very dark drama about family and rural farm life, very good writing but kind of weird and again, dark.  Writing was terrific so was glad I read this.  Will probably give the author another shot.  3 woms!

3 Woms


A Thread of Sky

This was another night the library was closing and I grabbed this book because I liked the cover art.  (Yes, in a focus group I pretty much have the ‘dumb cheerleader’ demographic covered).  This is a novel about a Chinese American family that doesn’t really get along– 3 daughters, their mother, and grandmother– who take a trip to China to connect with their roots, understand one another, presumably achieve personal growth, etc etc.  I wasn’t left with the impression that any of these items happened, and actually grew to despise or pity all of the characters by the end.  Writing was heavy-handed to the point of gag-inducing.  (Sorrs.)  I gave it 2 stars on Good Reads only because I’m paranoid the authors actually read that stuff and I am THAT worried about strangers’ feelings, but really this was a 1 wom for me.

1 Wom

Plain Song

Very sweet, quick read about intertwined relationships in a small town setting.  Really liked it a lot, actually only disappointed it wasn’t longer to give us a little more time to hang out with and get to know the very endearing characters. But if you want something quick and light.  It won some sort of award or something so it has that going for it.  3 woms…

3 Woms

Skippy Dies

This was so good! Follows a gaggle of kiddies at a boys Catholic school in Ireland… pure awesome-sauce. I know every book jacket in the universe says this (how do I get a job writing those?) but it was hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time.  Very good.  And a nice long novel to spend a few weeks with.  My favorite kind.

4 Woms

The Sportswriter

This was well done and thoughtful and I could see the appeal for some audiences, but it was very weird and depressive for me.  And slow.  I don’t even know what to equate it to, and not sure why Goodreads thought I’d like it.  Just imagine a really depressive indie film about a guy in a midlife crisis.

2 Woms

Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter

Another bizarre suggestion, this one from Amazon.  Although I enjoyed this one much more.  It was a novel bordering on being from the ‘crime/mystery’ genre which is definitely not my thing… but the human interest was strong enough that it was tolerable/slightly good for me.

2 Woms

The Namesake

Forget how I came to this one, but really enjoyed.  Immigrant family from India, follows their son from birth through adulthood.  I’m so behind on this whole digest that I can’t really remember a lot else, but definitely remember liking this a lot.

3 Woms


This is an Oprah pick so feel free to deduct requisite points for that.  This was definitely a good book that I read in like two days, but I always think that makes books extra disappointing and unsatisfying, doesn’t it?  Tale of a home birth gone bad (probably shouldn’t have read while pregnant) and the resulting legal fallout for the attending midwife.  I did hate that there was this gratuitous romantic sub-plot that the author kind of throws out there and then never closes the loop on.  That was irritating.  But was decent and I can’t really say much else bad.

3 Woms


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