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35ish or Something

******Fish Update********

(Because you are all dying for one)

I’ve since assumed this scenario.  I think one of the stray cats (don’t make me get into that again) must have hunted it out of the nearby creek and plopped  it down there.  It is the only conceivable explanation I can come up with that doesn’t involve fish-wielding creepos trolling about my neighborhood.  I’m still going to run for the HOA cause that would be hilarious.

******End of Fish Update******

*****Unless this was really interesting and you would like to see it covered more in which case let me know cause it was fascinating for me too********


Wheels are coming off the weekly update wagon but whatever.  I can’t even keep track of the math anymore.  All I know is we are less than a month away as of today.  (omfg x 19,546,109).


So, yay, belated with the fish drama, but we did arrive home from our weekend in NYC and I didn’t birth on the Amtrak! And as a follow up to the last update, I will tell you that the little frock I ordered worked out swimmingly, proving that with enough pearls you CAN wear a $30 Old Navy dress to a black tie event.  (Cheapskate level: expert).

The weekend included an annual dinner thing honoring a noteworthy Pennsylvanian; this year it was M. Night Shyamalan, warranting the most excellent and awesome dinner favor that there ever was, ever:

super awesome ornament

Yes ladies and gentlemen, that is exactly what you think it is.  I can only quote what my spouse so eloquently proclaimed to the Facebook world: I now have an M. Night Shyamalan Christmas ornament.  And you do not.


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