Hide Your Kids Hide Your Wife… Tiny Prints Giveaway!

Guys.  Last week, the most amazing thing happened.  THE most amazing thing.  I won the Tiny Prints giveaway on These Little Moments! (Do you read this chick’s blog? Read this chick’s blog).  Then, darn it if the kind folks at TP didn’t go and offer to let me do a giveaway too.  Paying it forward.  It’s a beautiful thing.  Especially when it comes to stationery.

Stationery, mofos!

Raise your hand if you love it.  I do.  I don’t always go crazy for girl stuff.  Handbags? Don’t get the appeal.  Shoes? Put them on clearance and we’ll talk.  But dangle some fine paper goods in my face and I will salivate like a starved Pavlovian she-dog.

I have purveyed cards from many sources and Tiny Prints might be my favorite.  In fact, OK, I am pretty obsessed with them.  I’m the redhead from Wedding Crashers.  They are the Jodie Foster to my John Hinckley.  They say jump, I say gloss or matte finish.

Check out some of this cuteness! Our list will probably get one of these two…

If you have cute kiddie fodder to show off…

Or cute pup fodder! Eee!

Go over and check out all their Holiday Cards.  There are 834 choices.  No lie.  And click Here for their special offers and promo codes.

Here is the fun part! One person will win $50 off their total order (must order by December 14; does not include shipping and cannot be combined with other promos).

To enter, just comment on this post with something about the holiday.  Worst gift you ever got, funny story from your office party last year, what you think is a socially acceptable number of Christmas cookies to eat in a single sitting (my answer is 9).  Surprise me.  Last day to enter is Monday, November 26.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in which I was given credit towards merch in exchange for pimping myself out like so.  You would have too.


12 thoughts on “Hide Your Kids Hide Your Wife… Tiny Prints Giveaway!

  1. One year, I asked for a flute and a baby brother for Christmas (what?!). I instead received a Cabbage Patch Kid and a tin whistle. This is my funniest story about Christmas. Another year, I got a fiance. That was a much better haul. 🙂

  2. One year for Christmas my mom and I decided to “improve” my dads train platform as a gift. We waited until everyone went to bed on Christmas Eve to start. What a pain trying to replace all the green grass paper. We had to lift the tree to remove/replace the grass paper. Let’s just say, a few ornaments didn’t survive, but we caught the tree 😉

  3. This year for Christmas I’m getting my very first niece or nephew (they wanted it to be a surprise). My brother-in-law (father of said child) said that if his wife goes into labor on Christmas, he’s not taking her to the hospital until the gifts are done. I’m praying for her sake that the baby doesn’t try to make that day it’s birthday 🙂

  4. For the past 2 years, I’ve bought and filled out Christmas cards, but never got around to addressing, stamping, and sending them. I still have the boxes in our closet. Maybe this would finally motivate me to actually send them out!

  5. This year is my son’s first Christmas, I’m so excited to see his reaction to all the presents left by Santa on Christmas morning, he’ll be 11.5 months on Christmas day. And also, I agree that 9 cookies is a pretty reasonable number.

  6. Yay for free giveaways!! It would be nice to send out a family Christmas card with just the two of us for the first and last time! LOL. I’m pretty sure that in the years to come, all the focus will be on baby girl and the cards will include only pictures of her!

  7. Cool giveaway – I love Tiny Prints! Let’s see worst gift I got would probably be the basketball goal that my dad got me in middle school. Primarily because It never got put up. Also, I was a bit boggled by the gift anyway because I was never into basketball. I feel bad throwing my dad under the bus for this one, I blame it on the fact that it was middle school and we were going through a weird patch… not his fault.

  8. Growing up, I always wanted a jeep wrangler. so for Christmas, right before my 16th birthday, my grandparents gave me a remote control large jeep wrangler toy. More frustrating and joke on me, than funny. But nonetheless the Jeep sits up on my shelf in my bedroom at my parents’ house as a reminder of my childhood wish and my grandparents : )

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