Oh gosh.  Do I need to say something about the election? I’d rather not.  I’ll just tell you that I went above and beyond my civic call of duty and served all morning as a poll watcher, where hilarity of course ensued.  I seriously stood there in complete silence just checking off names of people who came to vote, and was still heckled by one crazy broad who accused me of election fraud, unlawfulness, and altering the outcome of an election.  All her actual words.  And why I am reminded one more time that I just need to stay the heck out of this entire process.  The most chuckle-worthy thing that happened was that one elderly gentleman walked in wearing a Kappa Kappa Gamma baseball hat.

The most important news coming out of yesterday was rather that our area’s new Chipotle is now open.  I cannot tell you how joyful of an event this is.  Cannot tell you.  I want to stick my face in that guac.

Anyway, less politics and burrito bols.  Here is Chooch helping load the dishwasher (his favorite activity ever).  He is an excellent quality control professional in that he likes ensuring that each spoon is very well rinsed/licked prior to its cleaning.


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