Technically this was 24 hours after my usual weekly cell phone photo shoot (immediate loss of all pregnant blogger street cred), but if I hadn’t showered since then it should still count right?

Currently reading the La Leche League’s epic tome The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, which tells me that pregnant women should think of themselves as “as beautiful as a tree ripe with fruit.”  Which is helpful to repeat to myself when I’m feeling as large as an orca gorged on fur seals.  Which is often.  Which is because I can’t get up from the couch anymore without 1) assistance or 2) flopping onto my side and then kind of rolling off like some kind of fat ninja.


7 thoughts on “29

  1. You look amazing! And if you like to skip washing your hair as much as I do, because mine turns into an afro puff if I don’t fix it…you should get some baby powder to sprinkle on the roots if they’re greasy or I’ve heard that dry shampoo is the bees knees…. I think I am going to invest in some this week after I rectify my decision to be a red (pink) head for a day.

    1. haha oh no… good luck de-pinking!!! Actually I’ve never been able to get away with not washing my hair… I don’t know what you chicks’ secret is! But that seems worth a try… thanks!! : )

  2. You really are a super cute pregnant woman. I know you might feel like you have to roll off the couch – but you don’t look like you would have to. 29 weeks – not too much longer to go!

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