Baby Boy Bathroom

Two months and three weeks to go and we at least have little dude’s bathroom ready… progress! It is the cutest darn thing ever… in my mind at least.

See what I made for you, Frogson? As you are going through life always remember one thing: MOMS WHO TRULY LOVE THEIR KIDS SHOW IT WITH CRAFTS.  If you ever find out that some kid from your preschool class has a mom without a Pinterest account, know that his or her life is sad and devoid of all love.  That was sarcasm, but no I really am insanely proud of my little whale creation, which makes my uterus swell with girly joy.  OK I’ll stop now.

The nursery is still in progress but will be ready for a preview soon! MOM if you’re reading this… please desist and immediately return to the sweat shop/dining room to complete the curtains.  Move, woman! The internet waits with breath bated! (It’s cool, our relationship is… special.)


3 thoughts on “Baby Boy Bathroom

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