It’s an autumn miracle… I can still fit into my awesome collection of long-sleeve tees accumulated from years of gymnastics meets! I will cry when I no longer do.  Here I pay homage to Nation’s Capital Cup 2001… represent, beyotches!


Frogson, this is the final week of our second trimester! AHH! You are due three months from yesterday.  I CANNOT believe it. Woo hoo!

Let’s see, what’s going on around here.  Mostly just the usual preggy maladies like cankles, heartburn, and waking up 800 times a night for wee breaks, foot cramp relief, and really awful nightmares that I can’t seem to shake.  (Ugh, honestly they have been the worst part of this).  Most of the time I don’t feel too uncomfortable or too slowed down–WOOD KNOCKING–but we’ll see what happens in the next 3 months. 🙂

I’m fascinated every day by my expanding tummy.  Before this whole journey I was always so curious about the basic physics of the pregnant belly.  Was it hard or squishy? Was there any mobility to it, or was it totally fixated in place? Is it like a fortress the baby is buried under, or does baby linger more at the surface?

It’s really not anything you can describe, except I will say my tummy is a lot less cute and glamorous and a lot more science-projecty than I would have imagined.  I asked the doctor if all of the weirdness was normal and was assured yes, some people just showcase the biological realities of pregnancy in a more IN YO FACE manner.  Go me.  Happily I’m reaching my peak-massiveness over the cold months, otherwise I’d have spent my summer in the most matronly one piece (with optional swim skirt) the CJ Banks clearance rack had to offer, ’cause my tummy is some scary stuff.  It’s covered in a web of veins, including a really creepy thick one right over my belly button.  (Sorry, this is getting all CSI Miami, so please feel free to stop here).  My whole belly visibly pulses (all the time).  You can see baby’s every move from the surface– giant jolts, jiggles, and even the tiny movements of little hands and feet pushing against the surface.  And every now and then I’ll look down and see a softball-like bulge– not sure if it’s baby’s noggin or ‘tocks but it’s the coolest thing to reach down and feel.  And a few other dermatological joys that are truly too TMI to put on the internet.  (I can has boundaries).

OK, well, I’m sure everyone has had enough of hearing about my abdomen.  Becker out!


One thought on “27

  1. I’m currently 20 weeks and have spent the last hour reading through your blog posts while single handedly eating a whole bag of lightly salted potato chips. And laughing uncontrollably.

    Your blog is everything.

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