Pennsylvania · WTF

Pennsylvania… Still Awesome

So beautiful….

Yet so redneck!

(A few images from being out and about last week.)

Umm, on Friday night we also went to the high school football game.  Do you know what we did afterwards? HALF PRICE LATE NIGHT APPS AT APPLEBEES, BABY! High school football was the talk of the Applebee’s bar.  It was possibly the most glorious suburban night ever.  All you h8rs better stop laughing and ask yourselves if there’s anywhere in your cool urban area where you can get 2 beers and spicy chili cheese nachos for $9.86.  You can’t.  If you think you can, I must ask you if your nachos appear on the menu with a little apple and a star, denoting they are a Applebee’s Neighborhood Favorite.  I DIDN’T THINK SO, SMARTYPANTS.

I didn’t have 2 beers though.  Obviously.  I sat at the bar with a milkshake.  In my elastic jeans.  WINNING! Sorry baby that you are trying to accomplish really difficult biological processes fueled by a milkshake and spinach and artichoke dip.  So sorry.


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