omg I’m huge…

Umm, let’s see, notes from this week… Did you know they make skinny jeans for pregnant tubbies?! AKA skinny jeans with elastic waists? Please don’t make me wear regular jeans ever again.  I’ve been liberated.

I passed my glucose test! Woo! I was oddly worried about this since I, umm, am probably consuming more sugar than I should be.  Assuming a box of oreos and a freezer bag of my Grandma’s spice cookies consumed in five days qualifies as “more sugar than I should be.”  I’m guessing yes.  Does that give you diabetes or does that mean I am a champ metabolizer of the stuff? Not really clear on that.  (Frog Baby, obviously you’ll need to seek another source for your biochemistry education).  Anyway… the nurse told me I drank the stuff faster than anyone she’s ever seen.  Crap was tasty… what are chicks doing complaining about that stuff?! Once as a kid I needed a test which required me to drink Barium… have you ever tried drinking that stuff? Traumatizing.

Unfortunately I continue to fail at my iron levels.  I am taking 310% of my daily value (true story, not an exaggeration) and it still hasn’t really budged.  Bah.  More cheeseburgers I guess… sigh, tough life.

Frog baby, I got to see you on the 3d ultrasound! Now, I never would have sought out one of those just for fun, but remember I needed a bonus ultrasound due to your belligerence (I’m just giving you a hard time… I’m so proud of your stubborn little ways.  I don’t think I’d know what to do with a compliant baby.  You stay just the way you are, fetuscakes).  Anyway… we checked out your heart on the regular 2D (your heart is in good shape! GO BABY!) and the nice tech woman quick switched over to 3D for a short preview.  I am a little leery on the technology but once I saw you, I couldn’t bear to stop the process.  I was rapt.  (Plus we only watched for like 45 seconds so the exposure was pretty minimal… again, it’s funny how easy it is to make excuses for interventions when they involve cute pictures of you.  I’m a big smelly hypocrite, I know).

I never really got the attraction of the 3D ultrasound.  You see so many of them pop up on Facebook and whatever, with chicks positively ATWITTER over them, and to me it always looked like, I don’t know, layers of mush.  Like people are all like “ZOMG looks just like _____!!!!!” And I’m thinking, is one of the parents a slice of lasagna? If so then yes, there is a resemblance.  But of course I get it now that I’m a mommy (GAG, sorry).  Because my jaw dropped seeing little Frog Baby’s little face pop up on the screen.  I don’t know who he looks like, didn’t even immediately occur to me to assess that… he’s just kind of… his own little dude! Love!


One thought on “26

  1. Congratulations! How exciting.. I’m 26 weeks myself and am aiming for a natural birth. If this is something you’ve considered, I invite you over to my blog.. : ) I look forward to your journey!

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