Notes from the last week:

  • I’m still getting used to using “he” instead of it/they/baby… then I excitedly catch myself and remember that we now know it’s a dude baby! Squee! I love having a pronoun!
  • Baby has now graduated from the size of a mango to a “large mango”… creative,  Don’t overdo it now.  Most importantly, he has a shot at viability in the outside world and is getting even bigger and stronger every day.  Grow, baby, grow!
  • I sucked it up and bought my first maternity wear, since even my elastic yoga pants were starting to give me a weird preggy muffin top.  Umm, not sure why I waited this long because maternity leggings are THE BOMB.  I am never changing out of these things.  Ever.  I highly recommend that every individual in America invest in a pair.
  • Jeff and I have also sucked it up and begun serious name negotiations.  We may very well need the full 16 weeks to agree on something because our very different tastes have precluded us from making much progress so far.  As you can guess, he likes more traditional things while I am determined that our boy will be the only one in the county with his first name.  We’ll see.  🙂

3 thoughts on “24!

  1. You look great!! BTW, I have no idea how how you made it this long wearing regular clothes… I started wearing maternity pants at like 14 weeks! The belly band just wasn’t working with the work pants anymore… 🙂

    1. Haha no I definitely stopped fitting into my jeans at that time too!! actually it all worked out that I had enough work stuff from my, umm, portlier college years that I could still get away with it up until the end of July : ) then I just wore a ton of loose dresses and yoga stuff the rest of the summer… ha!!!

  2. I busted out the maternity leggings the thanksgiving after Max was born, all Joey style. I needed the room! Also, if someone tells you X is a crazy man name, listen. Someone warned me about Maxes and I foolishly ignored. Pick a serene name.

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