Inventor Genius Level: Expert

So one first world problem the new house comes with is garbage… we are built on a steep hill with a walkout basement so the trash cans live one level down, and transporting bags out there means across the kitchen, down to the basement, go outside, lift nasty lid on trash can, get sprayed by nasty droplets of condensation as you close nasty lid, back across the basement, back up the stairs, track outside crap all over the carpet, go wash your hands.  WHINE.

Jeff remarked that there should be a way to just drop the trash off our deck (the door to which is in our kitchen and conveniently right next to the trash can).  I thought this was a most terrific idea, although when I excitedly told him tonight I had created such a system, he told me he was “just joking.”  PSSH.  He obviously underestimated how in touch I am with my inner Wayne Szalinski from repeated childhood viewing of Honey I Shrunk the Kids. 

Some may view this footage and suggest I add to the list “how much time you appear to have on your hands from being unemployed” but I will have you know that I am enjoying having more freedom to untap my creative energy.  See what an excellent publicity consultant I would make? HIRE ME.


7 thoughts on “Inventor Genius Level: Expert

  1. Oooooh!!! I might have to do that at my house too! Question: what happens when you have to take the trash to the curb? Do you have to untie it? Suggestion, instead of holding the string under something heavy, you should get one of those cord holders for window blinds. I’ll email you a link to what I’m talking about. That way, you can even wrap the cord to hold it open, or back down to keep it in place on the deck when it’s shut.

  2. So genius! We actually have the same exact trashcan problem, but trash is my hubby’s job so I’m not that concerned about it! lol.

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