Home Sweet Pennsylvania

Yo, homeslices.  Remember when I promised to fill you in on my life updates that turned me into a slacker blog-tender? Here is one nugget for you.

The Becker household is on the move! This has actually been in the works for some time, but paranoid me needed to wait till there were signed papers to feel ready to make it blog public.  Jeff, super smarty farty pants, received a terrific job offer in our homestate of Pennsylvania.  Meaning we are moving about 15 minutes away from my family, and about 2 hours away from his.  (An hour+ closer than before, and now connected via a route that doesn’t involve The Highway That Shall Not Be Named, but the one that rhymes with schminety schmive.  GOOD RIDDANCE 95, YOU SOUL CRUSHING DEMON ROAD I HATE YOU).

So, since May, Jeff has been spending his weeks at his new job (crashing with my family in my childhood bedroom, bless him) and driving back to DC over the weekends (where I have been flying solo all week… without our car… whine).   We are finally in the process of re-settling and I will be very happy to be done with this transitory crap, cause it’s been sucky.  Whine again.

This would then lend itself to another fun announcement…  we bought a zoo! Actually no.  Not a zoo.  Just a regular house.  We bought a house.  Almost as cool! And let me tell you that was a joy trying to do from two different states.  But I will spare you that saga.  The end of the story is that we now have a snuggly little townhouse waiting for us.  It’s nothing terribly exciting but it’s ours and I love it so.  It’s so darn precious I wish it had a cheek I could pinch.  But it has siding and stuff.

We “closed” yesterday (omg I hate being a grown up) which was terrifying and of course very much over my head.  I am not kidding when I say the first thing out of the guy’s mouth was “If you’ll turn your attention to line 801…”.  I tuned out and dreamt of paint colors.

Here I am with the paperwork heading in for the first time! Do you love my old lady get up? Again, I was kind of scared of the process and disguising myself as a responsible adult.

Back to PAINT COLORS! That is what I have been busying myself with this week.  True confession: I always totally rolled my eyes at home decor bloggers who would go on and on about the lengthy decision and research process they followed to choose between paint colors.  Like… did you really just write 2,000 words about Nautical Horizon vs. September Mist vs. Cornfield Cerulean? Because they look a lot like blue, also blue, still blue.  You’re a freak.

Y’all, I’m a believer now! I have never been closer to touching heaven than I was beholding a wall of paint samples at Home Depot.  SO MUCH FUN! I excitedly made selections and then on the way home, Jeff and I heard REM’s “Orange Crush” and delighted in switching out Behr colors in the chorus.  (I’ve got my spine/I’ve got my… Coconut Husk.  Bicycle Yellow.)  (Yes.  Married people are this lame and more.  Deal with it.)

I just finished Operation Paint day 2 of 6, and have completed about half the first floor.  It sucks badly, but at least I feel like I am earning my homeowner stripes.  Jeff will help me over the weekend and then it’s back to DC, where I have another 4 days to clean and totally pack our current place.  Then he comes down one last time to load the truck and drive our wordly possessions North.

It’s a lot going on and  this isn’t even half of it.  (More later).  Right now I am clinging to my mental health which is pretty much a full time job.  Which works out, since this development of course means I had to leave my job.  Again, a story I will get to another day.  I’m still very much working on processing the adjustment.

Smooches to all for your patience with me.


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