Sorry again for being a blog loser who can’t update.  I always feel weird making that apology because it seems obnoxious to assume people’s existences are hinging on whether I update my blog or not.  Although I know I get super bummed when my favorite blogs go dark, so perhaps there are individuals out there shedding crocodile tears and lighting candles over the fate of Bend it Like Becker.  Not.

And wait for it, here it comes– the obligatory vague excuse that “there is a lot going on in my life.”  Y’all there IS, and I will explain soon.  (Lure! Intrigue!)

Here, let me throw you this bone in the meantime.  I wrote this for an essay contest and it was a finalist (yay!) until ultimately losing (boo).  And guys, look! Some bimbo named Ronda left what appears to be a moderately snarky comment! Baby’s first mean comment… a rite of passage! I am so proud.

So, yea, smell you all later.  Go follow me on Twitter or something.


3 thoughts on “Hi

  1. I found your blog through that article and voted for it, so that sucks you lost. Ah, snarky comments… I’ve only had a couple and they really do feel like a rite of passage! 🙂

  2. Darn! I definitely liked yours the best out of all of them, and not just cause I like you the best! The chicken farm one was a bit funny, but I still liked your writing style better. Which one ended up winning? I hope it wasn’t the hurricane one that made me yawn. Anyway, bravo for getting it out there and keep it up!

  3. Well of course we wonder why it goes dark when your words are a fantastically hilarious part to all of our days. But I have the option to snoop on you to verify your well-being and maintaining fantastic status through Jordana. So I’m good. But glad to see you posting again. You bring much needed smiles to the day.

    PS – – – adored Bizarro Boss article. Ronda can suck it.

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