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What I Learned About NSync Today

They still have a website

For a stupendous read, I highly recommend from it: *NSync’s Bio.

I don’t want to spoil the fun for you, but you should know that these are direct excerpts from this document:

 It all started with dauntless rehearsals in an Orlando warehouse filled with hope.

In March, it lit the airwaves like fireworks, washing away FM’s dark veneer and offering a proper introduction to the consummate millennium-era hitmaking ensemble.

The members also revealed their writing skills on a number of tracks, including Justin’s contribution to first single, the jive-talking Pop, which said it all: “I’m sick and tired of hearin’ all these people talk about/What’s the deal with this pop life/And when is it gonna fade out?/The thing you’ve got to realize/What we’re doing is not a trend/We got the gift of melody/We’re gonna bring it til the end.”

In an instant, the world’s most popular boy band graduated to the major leagues in terms of artistic achievement.

The uptempo, sing-along Tearin’ Up My Heart came next, reaching the top 15, establishing the group as stalwart chart warriors, while awakening record labels to the dazzling star power coming out of Sweden that was fueling the group’s ascendancy.

It also employs, in great seriousness, the phrase “magical journey”, and frequently uses “the boys” as an alternative to the pronoun “they.”

The end.  Oh and PS, I talk a big game but *NSync at Hershey Stadium circa 2000 (No Strings Attached tour- respect) was my first concert experience and therefore holds a special place in my heart.  JC I LOVE YOU 4EVER WILL YOU SIGN MY BOOBS AND/OR CALL ME ON STAGE FOR A SLOW SONG???? I mean………. The end.


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