Gratuitous Yoga Footage, Sorr

This is what happens when it rains all day (Sunday), you’re alone in the house due to hockey play-offs, and you’ve been corrupted by too many Pinterest pictures.  You experiment with some fun Vinyasa action and, not wanting to waste being all warmed up, one thing leads to another.  Oddly I did not expect this to be successful in the least, since the only way I can achieve lotus legs from sitting is picking up a foot and wrenching it on top of the other, but I must make this PSA for any Yogi-types who might be reading- Lotus leggies are MUCH easier from upside-down! The physics make sense when you think about it, so just goes to show you shouldn’t assume you can not do something 🙂 Don’t get too excited, I obviously cheated on proper form (a lot).

I hate to put up anything smelling of “self-congratulatory” but whatever, I won’t be able to do this forever.  Also I only taped it because the self-timer didn’t afford me enough time to pain-stakingly wiggle my foot in there before snapping.  (Total pro action right there, lemme tell you!)

Oh and that would be Chooch flinging his bone at me in the first one. And the musical stylings of Fleetwood Mac and Springsteen. (Things got crunk.)




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