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Photo Dump

Once upon a time in 2007 I was walking down the street and discovered a hot dog laying discarded on the sidewalk.  No bun.  No hot dog accoutrements in sight.  Just… a lone frank.  I don’t know why things like this crack me up, but if I had to define my sense of humor with one example, it would be that I find things like hot dogs on the sidewalk to be massively lol-worthy.

I took a picture of it with my awesome Samsung flip phone and up it went on my old blog.  I marveled at my ability to capture this magical processed meat moment with cell phone camera technology, which if you recall was just starting to get decent at that point.  Today, I am no less in awe of this amazing novelty that allows you to document life’s small and hilarious moments as they happen.

So following in the proud footsteps of Hot Dog on H Street I bring you…. Pineapple Top at Metro Station:

On that same note, check out this purdy sky from last night…

US Air shuttle + moon…

Check out this sandwich special action from one of my lunch places…

Who wrote this sign? I want to high five them! Loving the exclamation point action… omg yes FRENCH ROLL I share your excitement! WOO!

I already “tweeted” this so sorry for the dup but wanted to make sure errrrryone saw this hot mess driving down the street.

Whatever… the other week the Occupy-ers blockaded our office building and we had to walk up a ramp in the loading dock in the pouring rain…. If you know how clumsy I am, you know how close I was that day to breaking a femur.  So the crazies from the other side can have their day too.  Sigh.

Did you think I’d go this whole time and not put up Chooch pictures?! PSSHH! Here he is loving the Yoga mat…

And performing a beautiful interpretation of a seated twist (with model for perspective)


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