Useless Commentary

Another Day of Asking You to Make Me Feel Better

Tonight I was, as always, hysteric at the end of the day and a little bit late meeting BFF Kristine for Happy Hour.  I was typing out an email while exiting the metro and thus, stupidly, went out the wrong exit and put myself a couple blocks behind getting to my destination.  Then, in my haste, managed to go another 2 blocks out of my way walking in the wrong direction.

Not that I was bent out of shape meeting BFF Kristine, who knows my ways very well, but it got me thinking about how the more late and directionally disoriented I am, the dumber choices I make.

Again, please tell me I’m not alone here.  Pls.

It’s like anytime I’m in a situation where I’m extremely lost and late my reasoning is always “waaaaaAAAAAaaaahhh omg omg so late…. I’m just going to turn down this street, yea sure this must be right, gggaaaaahhhh………I’m out of breath and running in SOME direction so surely I must be closer to solving my problems waaaahhhhh………. I’m trying to get to Philadelphia but here is this sign saying ’76 West to Pittsburgh’ SURE MAKES SENSE gaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh Late! Lost! HELP.”



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