Mobile Devices Need Love Just Like You and I

Let’s get one absolute truth out of the way: Pinterest is a devious, corruptive drug that will make you high on equal parts creative awakening (good!) and devastating, crushing feelings of inadequacy (good?).

That said, I do try to live up to the ideal by organizing my life as much as possible- not to try to keep up with the Pinterest girls but because I legitimately am a calmer, happier, saner human when my environment is simplified and orderly.  Clutter/mess/struggling to find stuff=doom/psychosis/apocalypse.

Our old cell phone charging solution was one such example:

“Solution” is a strong word because as you can see, it was in fact just a power cord plugged in behind our couch.  At the end of the day, we pulled it out from the gap between couch and wall to plug the stuff in; when we left for work in the morning, we shoved it back into the gap so Chooch wouldn’t chew it and meet the same fate as the cat from Christmas Vacation:

I wanted a so-called charging “station”.  Though all of them I found to buy online were either fugly or expensive.

Lead me, oh wise Pinners…

Holler! I could do that.

Here is the procedure: 1.  “Memory box” from Michael’s 2.  Drill small holes in the front for the little cords, 1 hole in the back for the fat power cord 3.  I scotch taped over the edge of the holes to make less shaggy 4. Hot glue washers on top.  Smarmy, barf-tastic couples portrait: optional.

The power cord plugs in behind, and now lives its days behind a beautiful purple paisley facade.  It’s a win for all of us.

I can’t tell you how happy this stupid lidded box makes me.  Never underestimate the power of a tiny detail to bring stress relief to your world.  No more couch-gap-shoving and battling with a condor nest of ugly cords.  If I am every really feeling down and overwhelmed with life, you can probably find me huddled in a corner clutching and rocking my charging station box.

Yay box! This project is linked up to the iHeart Organizing “Project Pretty”.  Girls- do you read this blog? You need to be.  Girl is AMAZING.  Again, I can’t promise reading it won’t make you feel inferior and pathetic, but amazing nonetheless.

Yours in purple paisley,
Becker Out


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