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Chubby Tuesday Blurbs

Let’s seeee, what happened this weekend…

I got to do a rare cheetah shift at the zoo (because the cheetah volunteers are weak-willed and take the winters off).  I even caught them during their weekly bunny treat! (Sorry, cheetahs gotta eat too.)

Every weekend there is a clipboard waiting for the volunteers with updates that the keepers post throughout the week with animal happenings.  It is a treasure trove of awesomeness and the interesting/funny anecdotes are half the reason I donate my time to the zoo…

THEN.  Then.  Jeff got his question answered on our local sports show.

Oh sorry, was it not clear what a big deal this was? Let me just make sure everyone understands…

MMM HMM Respect.

We are also dog-sitting this sweet little she-beagle for the next week… meet Molly!

Umm… What else do I have for you….. tonight I did boring stuff then capped my evening with a glass of wine and Shake it Up on the Disney Channel. 


Sorry this update blew.

May all your Tuesdays be Fat Tuesdays,
Becker Out

P.S. Opening super glue pens with your teeth=not adviseable.


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