I tweeted THREE TIMES today! This is a big freaking deal considering that before today, it took me 14 months to create my first 10.  Which comes out to……. head scratch……… calculator……..  seven-tenths of a tweet per month.  I won’t even tell you how long I sat here thinking do I divide 10/14 or 14/10? My math skills are THAT BAD, no lie, it’s truly scary.  I am in awe of my 16 year old self who passed such classes as “Functions, Statistics, and Trigonometry” and “Precalculus and Discrete Mathematics.”  I didn’t pass by a lot, but nonetheless was proficient in the eyes of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Unbelievable.  Oh how the mighty have fallen.

My twee-spree was brought on by a special delivery I got at work today.  It was a Fedex box weighing probably 4-6 pounds filled entirely with candy.  Work and blogs don’t mix so I won’t get into details except to say that golly it pays to make friends in the food industry.

In true #JunkFoodFriday fashion (see that cool Twitter thing I did just there), I did a good job annihilating a great deal of this today.  The extent of my diet between 8:00am and 6:30pm was thus comprised of 1) a triple venti mocha and 2) my Fedex box of candy.

Guys, oww.  My head.  Oddly I never get headaches… like, ever… tummy aches 24/7 since birth, but for some reason I’ve been 99% spared from the world’s most common bodily complaint.  Cool? So I know I did something way wrong today! But holy crap I was bouncing off the walls and got like eighteen thousand things done at work.

Cool.  The end! Why do I suck at conclusions? Whatevs.  HAPPY WEEKEND! Smell ya later!


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