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Photo Dump: Outgoing Blackberry Edition

We’re switching over to new Blackberries at work tomorrow (Holla) so I had to pull off the few photos that were saved onto my current device.  Its memory maxed out at, like, 7 of them so I’m hoping our upgrade might offer more storage in that department.  It’s very frustrating to not be able to photograph a magical, fleeting moment because of the darned “File System Full” error…

So without further a-doo-doo…

Big Choochin, spendin’ Gs, it’s just that jigga man Chooch and…. AHEM HEM I’m stopping I’m stopping. 

Chooch’s favorite activity is lounging on the bed and snatching things off our night stands when we’re distracted while getting ready in the mornings.  I actually think he is being belligerent because he knows showers+hair dryers+closets opening=Impending Abandonment.  Poor baby.  Breaks my heart. 😦

Umm, see what I mean…

I probably should have stopped him here but I was too busy cracking up! love his little eyebrows stuck on the rim. 

This was me as “Panda Claws” at the Zoo back over Christmas…. a proud moment.

Oh hai…. Just reading a text book….. with my blinged out headphones….. Don’t hate the player hate the game. 

Where do you GET headphones like this!? I can only assume they are the result of these things mating…

OH and to make matters worse… I was standing immediately over this guy on the metro and of course was trying to discretely take this picture… I guess I had some stupid “loud” profile enabled, because when I pressed the button it made the little ker-CHUNK! fake shutter sound.  OMG I was mortified and thought this gangster was going to turn around, narrow his eyes, and take me down to Chinatown.  I mean normally you wouldn’t fear that from a gentleman of his demographic but WITH THOSE HEADPHONES WHO KNOWS.  Guy is NOT messing around.

OK one last dumb story that I just have to document for eternity.  UMM remember, like, yesterday when I acknowledged that it was probably irrational for me to fear the blender? (If I didn’t believe it to be irrational then, the act of typing in “…for me to fear the blender?” just sealed the deal).  Dudes I can’t help, the thing is so loud and powerful it sounds like a freaking Airbus in engine distress and all I can think is that it’s going to explode, or take off, or attack me, or just combust in some way.  So to make another Home Alone reference, blender=terrorizing, bullying furnace.  ANYWAY apparently it was not in fact irrational, and was actually a deep, subconscious self-defense mechanism, cause today…………JEFFREY EARMUFFS……….. I freaking turned the blender on WITH A SPOON IN IT.  I thought I was gonna die. 

I’m happy to report that all involved in the incident (appliance, utensil, and moronic human operator) survived unscathed.  A good fortune I most certainly do not deserve.


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