Around Town

Today was a treasure trove of random sign hilarity.

Fig. A, from one of those emergency exit signs by the hotel elevator:

BAHAHAHAHA you guys.  I noticed this just as the elevator door was opening (with people on it of course).  I was too busy silently having a fit of cackling (and digging for my Blackberry to document the moment) that I didn’t even realize there were people standing there until they were like “Hi………Hello?…… Are you……..?” and I’m standing there holding the phone up and I’m like “OH HI THERE….. No….. You guys go ahead…. I’m….. no the sign just says ‘Whoop Whoop’ is all…. it’s….. OK nevermind thanks.”

Fig. B:

Now, I LOVE a good PSA but how about some basic freaking manners, Washington District of Columbia?! WTF gives?!

Let me rephrase this for you, since your communications team obviously is a bunch of inconsiderate dumbos: “Please shovel your sidewalk.  Please don’t but pedestrians in danger.  Please shovel your sidewalk within 24 hours after the storm ends.  Thank you. ”  This leaves me in an infinitely better mood! 

At first I didn’t even notice that text in the bottom right and I thought the “Shovel your sidewalk” message was all there was to this.  Like, “Shovel your sidewalk, you ignorant sloths.  Thx.  The end.  Merry Christmas.  I hate you.  BYE.”


3 thoughts on “Around Town

  1. Isn’t our lovely Jordana a communications expert? Maybe she needs to work some magic on this utterly hilarious signs!!!! But think of it this way……. without signs like this we may think a mere “Beep Beep” is an alarm of impending doom or that shoveling 48 hours after a storm is satisfactory!

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