Food · Loving/Hating


Sorry, one of these days I’ll get back to writing actual words and sentences and verbal-type stuff.  That day is not Monday. 

Thing I love right now:

I love, love, love me some tomato soup.  Lurve.  This soup is my BFF because 1) it’s a party in my mouth and 2) once the temperature heads south of 45, I start to look for weekday lunch solutions that don’t involve me going outside.  Also around that time of the year, my mind starts to be genuinely boggled at the idea that so many Americans electively live in places like Chicago and Minneapolis.  Like, millions of you! Again, I’m not just making idle chit chat, I consider this to be a truly boggling life conundrum. I can only assume that the early nomadic settlers arrived to these locations in, like, July.  But then they stuck around! Thank you sweet Lord that I was born in the mid-Atlantic and well after the advent of electricity, cause if that was me and November set in, I’d be like oh HELL no and huff it back down to Mexico and become an Aztec or something.  Cray cray Northern folk!

Thing I hate right now (and always):

Why won’t this broad leave! I hate to be a hater but geez this campaign has got to end.  I just read on Wikipedia that “Flo” is actually becoming known as, like, a hugely popular and iconic advertising character.  Am I the only one who has been supremely irritated by these commercials for years?! They haven’t even worked because when I went to Google that picture I typed in “Flo Nationwide” on my first pass.  Whoopsie.


2 thoughts on “Loving/Hating

  1. I hate that commercial too! I’ll have to try Amy’s soups. I love Amy products. I lived in Chicago for 6 years while in grad school. I moved there from San Diego. I felt the same way every winter– Why the heck am I here? And how is it possible that people settled here. Then spring and summer come and I’m reminded of what a great city it is. Oh the weather…

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