New Eyewear! (Slow News Day)

People.  I’ve talked before about my love affair with eyewear (and idiots on Pinterest that shoot down my dreams of ever pulling off hipster glasses).

I’ve been without glasses forever due to the fact that Chooch chewed them up a few weeks ago.  The bright side there was that it finally forced me to go to the eye doctor, and yesterday I picked up not only my repaired old glasses but my brand new 2012 frames! Wa hoo! (Like I said, slow news day). 

Like I covered before, I have some bizarre emotional connection with glasses, where I feel utterly stupid and incapable of anything without them.  It’s very weird, I’m aware.  Here is a visual aid to demonstrate…

So needless to say my intellectual existence has improved since reclaiming my specs. 

Here they are in all their tortoise glory!!! Wah!!! (With a photo-bomb appearance by Chooch’s butt, as always).



4 thoughts on “New Eyewear! (Slow News Day)

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