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That time again!

First though can I whine about the library? This pains me because I love the freaking library.  I love it like a 4 year old loves it.  I want to go sit with the 4 year olds at story time I love it so much.  As far as I am concerned, libraries are the ONLY thing the government does right.  You think I buy all this stuff!? Heck to the no, man! Whenever I get depressed about taxes, I think of what a joy the library is.  Unforch there’s trouble in paradise.

  • They replaced librarians with annoying touch screen self check-out machines.  (So not cool).
  • Arlington county’s library website used to be  How catchy and easy to remember is that! Acorn.  Like the nut! Web.  Like the internet I use to visit the site! Acornweb.  Web of acorn.  Now unfortunately the domain has changed to one of those ever-annoying addresses like  There is no hope of remembering it and my favorites list is cluttered beyond recognition so I’ve just been getting frustrated and Googling it.  GOD MY LIFE IS SO DIFFICULT FEEL BAD FOR ME.
  • Which brings me to the kicker… I went over tonight to replenish my stack and the effer is closed! Not like whoops-I-thought-it-closed-at-9-but-appears-to-be-8 but like closed closed.  The sign just noted “Thursday: Closed.” WTF! What the heck other place in the universe is just plain closed on an entire day of the week! (And yes, I’m aware that their reasoning is probably “budget cuts” and I sound like a big ol’ smelly hypocrite cause I just complained about paying taxes.  Hand me the government’s checkbook and I can assure you there are 14 berzillion useless POS items that should get tossed before touching the library).

Anyhoo.  Moving along!

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali-Illuminations Through Image, Commentary and Design

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: Illuminations Through Images, Commentary, and Design.  Otay! Well let’s not linger here long because I’m not sure a reference book on the 8 Fold Path of Patanjali is really of popular interest.  But, I know there are a few Yoga readers out there, so if this is up your alley I completely recommend! Wonderful analogies, anecdotes, really does a great job making relatable sense of something translated from Sanskrit, thousands of years old, and already pretty complicated to start with.  4 woms!


 Powered by Happy: How to Get and Stay Happy at Work (Boost Performance, Increase Success, and Transform Your Workday)

Powered by Happy: How to Get and Stay Happy at Work.  Before you go thinking I’m all work-depressed again (I love you employers!) this author participated at an event of ours so we got a bunch of free copies and I read it.  Nothing terribly earth shattering, but a quick and easy read and definitely good insight on, like it says, staying happy in tough environments! 3 woms…


Food As Medicine: How to Use Diet, Vitamins, Juices, and Herbs for a Healthier, Happier, and Longer Life

Food as Medicine: How to Use Diet, Vitamins, Juice, and Herbs for a Healthier, Happier, and Longer Life.  Yep another installment in my nutritional self-help phase.  So, this book was OK, I mean nobody needs a book to tell them broccoli is good for you, but it actually goes through everything and explains why, and what you get out of it.  But, I wanted to hit the author multiple times.  For instance, once he goes off on all the health benefits of salmon (again, duh), but then says not to eat farmed salmon because they’re fed GMO-ed corn, given hormones, other things that will apparently kill you, etc.  So I was like “Ahh got it, just buy the wild stuff.  K.”  But then he says the wild salmon are swimming in toxic, mercury-infested water which will also kill you.  And if your’e a woman the mercury stays in your system for like 15 years and crosses placentas and will kill your baby too.  Where do I get salmon then dude!? Do I have to breed these effers myself and feed them organic salmon food?! Time 2 I wanted to hit the author was then when he goes on and on about some smoothie that is awesome, and has turned around the health of all his clients, and will make you never get a disease ever.  I’m waiting excitedly for the recipe and he’s all “The recipe is quite simple: bulgur puree, cream of wheat grass, distilled coconut water, organic fresh pressed ginger slivers, imported rosemary extract…” A dramatization but you get the idea.  Completely unreasonable.  Time 3 I wanted to hit him, the final straw, was when he explained a month-long detox that involved consuming nothing but juice and tepid tea.  Am I the only one who thinks you would literally starve to death if you tried that?!  Not even a note to consult a doctor! Unbelievable! This is gonna cost him in the wombat department…



Faith: A Novel

Faith.  I really liked this book.  Fiction inspired by- wait for this- the Catholic sex abuse scandal.  (It’s better than you’d think).  Definite page turner.  The writing was not especially deep or multi-dimensional but again, I really did like it.




 Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life

Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life.  I loooved this book long time.  I think I already posted a blurb from this.  The author is a riot and so very wise.  Again, not sure how interested people are in a book about writing but if that remotely sounds interesting to you, pick this shiste up.



Marriage and Other Acts of Charity: A Memoir

Marriage and Other Acts of Charity.  I actually picked this up on a whim (it was sitting close to Bird by Bird) and ended up A-DOR-ING it.  The author is a minister and the chaplain for the Maine Game Warden service.  She also was a young wifey and mom who lost her husband in a car accident.  I know 😦 I think she already has memoirs on that; this was more commentary on marriage, love, and family from both her own journey and people she met through her work.  It was so warm and hilarious, loved it.


My Own Country: A Doctor's Story

My Own Country: A Doctor’s Story.  I picked this up because after Cutting for Stone (I worship that book) I needed to read every word this man wrote.  Sorry if that sounds stalker-y and weird.  Well this is his memoirs from treating some of the first AIDS cases in rural Tennessee in the early 80’s.  Chea.  Extremely well written (of course) but depressing as can be (of course again), though it did have warm and uplifting moments and a hopeful kind of theme.  So I guess 3 woms for something really well done that I would never choose again…



The Lonely Polygamist: A Novel

The Lonely Polygamist.  Exactly what it sounds like, and I freaking loved this book.  Just beautiful fiction.  One of those really long books you can just get totally immersed in. Loved.  4.5 woms even!



This Is Where I Leave You: A Novel

This is Where I Leave You.  A family is stuck spending 7 days together after the father dies; personal growth ensues.  Another quick, good read but not much depth.  Very funny though, definitely had some public LOL-age. 


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