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What Will Surely be the Highlight of my 2011 Holiday Season

One of my BFFs Kim sent me this tonight and totally made my day.  She is a TA at an educational institution which is probably best left un-named in this context.  As her story goes, she accidentally picked up what appears to be someone’s Christmas shopping list as she retrieved a paper from a communal printer. 

I sympathize with this anonymous author.  Coming up with gift ideas is hard.  Just when you think you’ve thought of the best ever gift for someone, all the sudden 12 freaking months have passed and again you’re feeling the pressure to find something that outperforms the last year’s.   A harrowing cycle.  This person is obviously in the depths of that despair, but instead of stepping up to the challenge, has apparently thrown in the towel and said OH EFF IT YOU’RE ALL GETTING SOCKS AND DOLLAR STORE STUFF. PASS THE EGGNOG.

But OK it is kind of sweet the extent to which she has put thought into her sock purchase plans.  Anja: mismatched sole socks.  Karin: Indian Fiddler socks.  Not sure what those are.  Google isn’t sure what those are so I’ll assume it’s some sort of ethnic-musical-sock-inside-joke we’re not in on.  And cat socks for Brenda.  Not gonna lie, the simple hilarity of the “socks (cat)” note made me chortle out loud as I was reading this at the bus stop. 

And Brenda.  Honey child.  What exactly did YOU do wrong this year that you are getting Tissues!? Tissues! I’m not even sure under what conditions it becomes necessary to make tissues an actual gift for someone.  Honestly the act of typing t-i-s-s-u-e-s on a Christmas list for someone is more committment and exertion than actually procuring them.

Anyhoo.  Kim, please accept the biggest hat tip ever for this most excellent holiday find.  🙂

OK guys… I’ll be back Sunday with the Pay it Forward Giveaway winner! (You still have Friday to enter, keep them coming!) Until then I am on epic Yoga lockdown mode as I teach my first class (HOLY CRAP I KNOW) on Saturday.  And mind you this is a class class.  With the public.  Not the paying public, thankfully, but still the real public that expects things like, you know, coherence.  (Not my strong suit.)  Send me happy vibes please?

Becker OUT…


3 thoughts on “What Will Surely be the Highlight of my 2011 Holiday Season

  1. Dude. I got tissues for Christmas 2 years ago. No joke.

    A woman in my small group gave everyone tissue packs with HO3 (Ho-cubed… but I don’t know how to type that in the comment box). I used them once. They were ridiculous and felt like sandpaper. Not what I generally look for in a tissue.

    I wish I was kidding.

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