Pay it Forward Giveaway

Happy holidays, beyotches!

The other day I came across THE greatest thing on the internet… a new kind of blog giveaway wherein people entered with their favorite charity and the winner got $50 donated to it by the blog host.  (via I Pick Pretty!)

Like I said, greatest thing on the internet.  I love the Pay it Forward concept… it completely restores my faith in humanity.  You know, after that faith gets robbed by obnoxious people who insist on asking checkout attendants 48 dumb questions with a crowd of people in line behind them.

But see, this is what I mean.  I whine about things like that, or like stupid spin class (though you should know tonight was the THIRD Monday where 20 people showed up and the class didn’t happen), when the world has actual problems that need attention.

The holidays are a great time to reflect more on that, right?  Anyway, enough fanfare.  Here’s the deal:

1) Comment below with your favorite charity.  No parameters, just nothing at all political, please 🙂

2)   Submissions close end of the day this Friday; I’ll draw randomly and announce the winner this weekend sometime.

3) One entry per person but feel free to share as you wish, and if you’re interested in hosting your own version of this, pay that shiste forward yo!  

Thanks in advance and love to all of you!



12 thoughts on “Pay it Forward Giveaway

  1. I’m thrilled that you’re “paying it forward” here! If my sick boy lets me post/Tweet today, I’ll put out a link to this.

    I’ll nominate Animal Trustees of Austin, an organization that provides low cost veterinary care & spay/neuter clinic for those who wouldn’t usually be able to afford veterinary care, both much needed services here in Austin.

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