Mind/Reality Disconnects

I love these things that have been going around the interwebs lately.  The other day I was playing around with some Yoga (Bow Pose) at home, feeling like I was rocking the crap out of it with my limbs like 4 feet off the ground, and I slithered in front of a mirror prepared to pat myself on the back for my progress and prowess, only to find I was, like, 3 inches off the ground.  I think it’s just one of those where you feel like your organs are exploding and your ribs are tearing apart so you assume you must be in some crazy awesome expression of the pose.  Don’t be fooled.


2 thoughts on “Mind/Reality Disconnects

  1. So I was going to comment on this like a month ago but got distracted…but true story, I had the post up on my computer and my husband walked by and was all “Oww!! That looks so painful! Is that actually her?” And I informed him that it wasn’t you, just another freakishly good yoga master. Five minutes later he walked by again and started laughing, and once I made him explain himself, he told me he didn’t even notice the seal the first time because he was so amazed that the chick could bend that way. So you can feel good that he thought you were the human, not the seal!

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