Around Town

First off, just so you’re aware, this was Macy’s on 10 November 2011…

Secondly, coming out of Macy’s, I looked over and spotted something affixed to a pole.  “Is that….. some piece of computer paper…. with a picture… of Justice Scalia on it?”

Oh this is gonna be good…

First Luke Skywalker from China and now!? What is going ON with people this week!? Once again, I am just not clear on the message here.  Antoin [sic] Scalia utilizes date rape drugs and…. for more information…. contact…. wait for it…. Antoin Scalia?  Well that’s a little counterintuitive is it not? And I mean, obviously this person has some strong feelings on this and went through a great deal of trouble to print this, so it’s a shame that I’m just not grasping what my “takeaway” or “call to action” is here.  I guess it’s just, uhh, an FYI type thing.


Candy-cane patterned tights with horizontal stripes? Who thought this was a good idea? NO, woman! Nevermore, nevermore!



One thought on “Around Town

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