Gather Round Children It's Story Time

Oh Geez

Went out for lunch today and came back with an adopted international child… crap!

I swear our office building is in some sort of geographic mecca for street solicitor people.  Evverrrryy day I am getting hit up by someone different! There’s nowhere to run! It’s not a good neighborhood to be strolling around when you have the perfect storm of ENFJ+Catholic guilt complex+inability to say no.  And apparently, approachability.

Which people have told me before, and actually I once read that a trait of Libras is a constant “friendly” look regardless of one’s actual mood.  So, when I was crossing the street and saw the dreaded sweater vest guy with a messenger bag and clipboard, I was like CRAPPITY CRAP why can’t I catch a break here?! As I was crossing the street, I took DELIBERATE measures to look unapproachable, crossing my arms and, I believed, grimacing.  The guy, OF COURSE, stopped me with some pseudo pick-up line: “Look at that smile! We’ve been waiting for you all day!”  WTF! I was grimacing!

To rewind.  Somehow I got on the mailing list for Heifer International (a charity organization that provides livestock to the third world) and I randomly was reading a catalog I got from them over my morning muffin today.  So I ended up reading the whole thing and I was like, dangit, I need to be better about this sort of stuff.  I’m going to buy someone a goat or an alpaca or something.

Because I HAVE been sucking at the charitable stuff lately… Back when I worked for the government I gave through their program (coming in at the extra generous double eagle level… be impressed)  and had an adopted kid then too (as a result of being stopped on the street of course).  Then, if you recall, that job ended, and when I no longer had the luxury of income, I cancelled all of the auto-deductions on my checking account including my adopted kid from Thailand (I’m an awful person).  What I mean to say, is that it’s a lot easier to brush aside the street solicitors when you can say “Oh no thank you! I’m already giving through work!” instead of “Don’t wanna hear it! And step aside, I have a $9 salad to buy!”

Sooooo as this guy is going through his whole spiel about school uniforms and vaccinations and my kid will draw me pictures, I’m like you know, I was just thinking this morning that I needed to do more… and now here this person is… and there’s no way I can honestly convince myself I can’t afford $25 a month…. and I will probably get this poor guy halfway to his quota for the day if I sign up……and, well, the children……..


And I did indeed make this guy’s day.  And now I am the proud adoptive sponsor to a girl of a TBD nationality.  He gave me a list of countries to pick from and I was like wait what?! Like I’m supposed to look at it and be like “PFFFT those Indonesians can fend for themselves, give me a Cameroon kid!” (Libras aren’t known for their decision making abilities either).  So he designated me in the “emergency need” category so I’ll go to wherever’s at the top of the list.  Ahh, that’s more fair.

Anyway, if anyone is feeling particularly inspired by my true life tale of awkwardness,


One thought on “Oh Geez

  1. good for you, Sarah!!! I need to do more charitable things..I looked into Big brothers/big sisters not too long ago, but then started getting panicy about the future when I do not have loads of extra time that I designate to facebook and have more responsibilities and can’t be a good Big sister anymore resulting in putting some poor child thru abandoment issues….eeeeeks! Needless to say, I did not follow through…

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