A Post About Fennel. (If You’re That Desperate for Reading Material).

One of the yoga chicks had our little class over for dinner on Sunday night and made this ridiculous veggie parmesan bake.  I was so inspired I totally copy catted it yesterday night using a Giada recipe.  It was a great way to use up the bottom 1/2 of a pasta sauce jar… don’t you hate that situation?! Lack of smaller proportioned pasta sauce jars is a major frustration in life, is it not?  Sometimes you only need a couple tablespoons and when that foul, crusty nonsense starts to form around the lip of the jar, I can’t bear to use it.  Dead to me and off to the recycling afterlife.  Even if it’s only been open for 2 weeks.  Quick usage is critical. 

The recipe called for an object called a “fennel.”  I have never actually purchased/cooked with this exotic delicacy.  Vegetable? Root? Tuber? Who knows! I couldn’t pick a fennel out of a lineup, and there was no corresponding sign at the store, and the first two employees in the produce department were as clueless as me.  A third more senior produce expert led me over and was like “Here it is.  We call it anise here.  Same thing.”  WTF.  Don’t even get me started on produce with multiple names.

Checking out, the highschool cashier chick was all “The HECK is this!?” and I was like “I know, right! It’s my first time! Apparently it’s called an anise.” 

“Is that with an E or a U?”

“An A I think.”

“Oh, OK.  Oh it’s a fennel.”

Getting home I truly questioned what I had gotten myself into.  The thing was like busting out of its produce bag, just generally looking all intimidating and unconquerable and actually, I believe, laughing at me. 

Quit mocking me, fennel!

Seriously look at this thing! It’s a hot mess! Where do I even start with this disaster?! I ended up having to Google “What part of the fennel do you eat?” and what came to my rescue but Yahoo Answers again.  Never fails.

As it turns out, fennel is not so terrible.  Who knew! This is the extent of my energy tonight.  The end.


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