Today I had a question that Google led me to Yahoo Answers to resolve.  First off, to begin with another tangent, my Google was “natural alternatives to benzoyl peroxide,”  which is the active ingredient in that purple Clean and Clear tube that I’ve been using since I was like 15.  Lately I’m starting to be all paranoid about chemicals and food additives and the bazillion toxins that make their way into our bodies every day, and that’s one I’d be happy to cut out.  Tangent within tangent time! I need to do a whole post on the basket case anxiety phases I’ve gone through every few years since my birth.  Healthy, I know!  I was on a solid hypochondria kick from years 18-25, but now I’m on to worrying I’m going to birth a child with 6 arms due to using Clean and Clear.  SO VERY, VERY healthy!

ANYWAY, back to Yahoo Answers… Good grief y’all.  It’s like Google for the weird and imbalanced.  Check this action out:

I love this.  Guess what dummybritches, I do eat “nutricious” and that still doesn’t stop me from breaking out like a 7th grader whenever I try to ween off the C&C.  “But if you MUST know some alternative drug”  (emphasis mine), this person is going to draw upon her extensive expertise as a watcher of television and television commercials (excuse me, “commercial’s”) and recommend Proactive! OK, third line up, people:  “Judging by their commercials it works.”

Judging…… by their commercials….. it works. 


By this strategy, I should be able to just look to the Shark Steam Vac or Orange Glo to fix my face.  Great to know.  No really, that second person’s suggestion, the tea tree oil, came up a few times.  So I’m looking into that.  If anyone else out there has any suggestions (I’m on Team Oily!), I’m all ears.  (Oily ears). 

I also have to tell you another great story from my Mom.  She had an injured homing pigeon land in our yard at home!  Did you know homing pigeons are still, like, a thing? Apparently there’s a whole market for buying them and using them for a hobby or to gamble.  AWFUL.  So this poor bird was tagged and registered! My Mom researched and contacted the national authority on homing pigeons, tracked down the owner’s contact info, and reached out to them to try and return this poor bird.  Those jerks never responded to her! AWFUL.  Again.  So my Mom convinced a bird rehabilitation facility (that “doesn’t normally accept pigeons”… PSSH) to take this bird! She dropped him off there so he’s on the mend.  My Mom has been warned it’s possible he’ll return to our house when he’s released since that was the last place he will remember feeling safe.  AWW! Mom, I love you.  You are my hero.  For real. 

Check out the tie on this stranger on the metro…

That is an American Gothic tie if you can tell! Ha!

Two things I’m loving from the internet…

Stolen from FB. Couldn't find source. Sorry. Don't Sue.

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