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Terrible habit #509234 of mine: writing down extremely abbreviated abbreviations and then having no clue what the heck I am supposed to remember.  (Also see: putting important things in super secret awesome hiding places, never to be found again).  I taped this note to my monitor at work the other day…

Plunk? Pluck? PMK? It was 3 days before I figured out what it was again.  I REALLY need to quit doing this.  The other month I made a note that said “C 22,” and again, couldn’t figure it out for a while, then realized it meant I was supposed to tell someone (whose name started with a C) that we had 22 people for a meeting.  I was like “SERIOUSLY, past Sarah?!!?” Ugh!

Pinterest.  There really, really, REALLY needs to be some sort of “block wedding” feature.  The sheer volume of wedding gorgeousness……. it’s… I mean…. there are….. WORDS ESCAPE ME.  Pure torture that I no longer have one to plan.  How short of time is socially acceptable before we can renew our vows?! 🙂

Unfortunate Name for a Person in Broadcasting.  We caught this guy on the local news the other day…

Yea, as in “I can molest Tina”.  I thought producers changed stuff like that?!

Here’s Your Sign.  The other day I called a place and asked for a person that worked there.  A front desk person picked up and I said “Hi, is ______ there?” And she said, “Yes, would you like me to transfer you?”…”Uhh… yes?” WTF? No, I’m planning their surprise party, just curious if they were at their desks! Or: no, I since decided I want to talk to you instead! Hello! NOW, I gave this person the benefit of the doubt, because Lord KNOWS I’ve done my share of fumbling while fielding calls, but I called back again and the same exchange happened! As in, they must be trained to offer this response!?

Her name was Lola… So, my office building has a lobby with cavernous ceilings, such that there is some serious echo/amplification acoustics going on.  Like, conversations and sounds travel really well and loudly.  The other day as I was leaving, it was quiet but for a person whistling “Copa Cabana.”  It was loud.  And funny.  That is all.


One thought on “Blurbs

  1. 1. I do this all the time with names and phone numbers. Yes I wrote down that person’s name. I’m sure they’re important. Who are they again? And that phone number…I definitely wrote it down for a reason. With no other notes beside it. Wish I knew what that reason was…

    2. Weddings, yes. But how about Pinterest FOOD?! I have done more spontaneous baking since Pinterest than all my previous years on this planet…and I am not a baker!

    3. I believe this is why you’re allowed to legally change your name at age 18…

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