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So, yea, household update:

  • At this moment, we were supposed to be enjoying coronas on the deck of a beachfront house in the beautiful outerbanks of North Carolina…
  • We are, in reality, sitting at home in the dark with no power (while I guzzle the remaining 54% of battery on the laptop to bring you this quality post)…
  • The power being lost due to two trees falling on a live wire and creating a FIRE in our neighborhood.  OMG.  The power guys are in head-to-toe ponchos and working hard right outside our door (seriously I hope they are getting quadruple overtime right now)… come on Dominion!
  • My family procured an alternate house in South Carolina which we will attempt to make a break for tomorrow…
  • I survived my first two days of yoga teacher training! And learned four whole poses! Hold on bear with me let me practice my sanskrit… Tadasana, Uttitha Tadasana, Utkatasana, and Uttanasana! BAM!

I may queue some dumb posts up tomorrow (if power is restored), otherwise the blog will be cashing in its vacation leave 🙂 OK, I’d love to hang out but Jeff doesn’t know what to do with himself without MLB network and is whining to be entertained.  So stay safe everyone and pray we don’t lose our freaking minds on 95!


4 thoughts on “Hi

  1. Omg that exact fire scenerio is my fear in this storm. I was just talking to rys mom about that earlier today. Be safe driving – isn’t tomorrow still supposed to be bad? Schols are already cancelled here Monday! How the heck did your parents get a last min beach place?!?

  2. We’ve only gotten heavy rain here so far, but the bad stuff supposedly won’t get here until tomorrow. 😦 That fire must have been TERRIFYING…I’m glad that no one was hurt and that you seem to be taking it in stride. Have a safe trip!

  3. Thanks you guys!! Stay safe as well!!!

    I think the worst of the weather is gone from down here, but I have to imagine the North > South routes are going to be insane today! Jeff and I are leaving tonight and giving ourselves 2 days, but my parents are already on the road : / They wanted to leave YESTERDAY which we talked them down from, but this is the best compromise they would agree to : / Oyyyyyyy

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