Anthropologie: My Fickle Mistress

I am so undecided as to my relationship with Anthropologie.  Some things I see and I’m like GET ON MY PERSON.  Now.  And other things I’m like Wait…….. what? The weird stuff really comes out to play in their catalog.  I am such a fan of the random beds made of twigs they pawn for $4,000. 

So, the other day I bid on a cheapo pre-owned Anthro dress from Ebay.  Why did I feel compelled to do this? Because I don’t feel like going to the dry cleaners to launder the clothes I already own.  God I HATE dry cleaning.  It is, like, the ULTIMATE injustice because here you are, you bought nice clothes for work, you think the expenditure is over, and all the sudden you’re being charged on a regular basis to actually wear the clothes.  Obviously, fixed expenses suck, but dry cleaning is the absolute worst of them all.

So what ends up happening is:

I put off dry cleaning → I end up doing it on, like, a quarterly basis → each trip costs me $100+ which FURTHER discourages me → my actual nice, cute clothing investments spend 80% of their time in the “to dry clean” bag and 20% in rotation → I go to work wearing fugly machine wash crop pants and tops from Target. 

OR I get fed up and say  to myself Ugh I’m out of clothes.  I don’t have $125 for dry cleaning.  I DO have $30 to buy something random from Ebay! And yes, I am keenly aware of the extremely, extremely flawed logic at play here.  Because despite finding a way to temporarily delay the inevitable, my actual future expenditure has grown to be N=cost to dry clean original items+cost to purchase new item+cost to dry clean new item.  Serenity now.   

And, I get stuck with this, which I am not even entirely sure if I like.  Question A: how do you take these portraits such that it doesn’t feel all Myspace-y? And Question B: is this cute or not!? I love the colors but I felt 10 pounds heavier today.  Those ribbon belt thingies are an Anthro staple, but they just never pack the cinching power of a belt with hardware and my waist overpowers them.  Such is the tortured life of the Apple-shaped.    

Harumph.  Thoughts?

PS… Be sure to stick around this week, I have some EPIC crafting on the agenda! Although I’m a day behind since I never made it out tonight for the required project fixings.  Because I was once again lured to Monday trivia night, wherein Jeff and I came in something like fourth to last, which is what you would expect from two people who could only come up with “Bismarck!!” when asked what battleship sank outside Havana in 1898.  Yea.


2 thoughts on “Anthropologie: My Fickle Mistress

  1. Having had grown up with parents who own a dry cleaner, I used to get all my dry cleaning done for free and was thus in for a shock when I went away to college and realized just how EXPENSIVE it could be. And your reasoning that buying a new piece would cost less than dry-cleaning? That’s exactly what I used to do in college too! (Luckily, after college I moved to an area that’s still relatively close to my parents so that I can dump all my dry cleaning on them when I see them every couple of weeks.)

    And I think you look GREAT in that dress!

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