Crouching Coaster Hidden Modge Podge

That’s right y’all… crafting extravaganza! WOO HOO! I undertook this project as part of the Pinterest Challenge sponsored by the superstars at Young House Love

First off: What did… I do… BEFORE PINTEREST.  What sort of bland, bleak world was I shuffling my way through?  I kept hearing about this mythical site where one could store all one’s inspiration photos and whatnot… and I never knew what the heck the point of that was when I had a perfectly functional favorites bar and a ring finger with plenty of right-clicking experience under its belt.  Just seemed like more work.  GUESS WHAT: Pinterest DOES the work for you, while conveniently arranging everything in adorable little collages for you.  Friends, take this self assessment: are you female? Do you like pretty things? Do you have a shortage of free time and a lot of other stuff to do so you probably shouldn’t be farting around on another social networking site but you lack the ability to say no? If you answered yes to any or all of those questions, RUN DON’T WALK to pinterest.com.  Phew.  PSA over. 

Anyway, a while ago Apartment Therapy had, like, a round-up of cool baseball-related items, and I showed it to Jeff-a-rino who said something like “hey, those coasters are neat.”


You don’t get what a big deal that was.  Anything I mention having to do with “the home” usually gets some kind of grunt from him or maybe a “nrrh” or a “mrph” if I’m lucky.  Now baseball, of course, will get him yakking on for hours, and since I always feel bad that I whine about the sport that’s so important to him, I decided I was going to MAKE these effers for him.  Even better, I was going to make them Phillies World Series 2008 themed! (Umm, 3 years later this is still a huge deal on a daily basis to Jeff :-))

Enter: this awesome tutorial! So, I made the rounds to Lowes, Michael’s, and Wal-Mart for the pictures (the only stinkin’ place that had matte finish) and got my modge podge on! I won’t repeat all the steps but a brief overview…

First the perimeters of the tiles got painted (the stuff outside the pictures)…

Ditto for the backsides… and the cork went on…

 I did a little meticulous measuring to get the pictures just the right size.  I also finally coughed up the $19.99 for a paper cutter, which helped. (Michael’s 50% off coupon… HOLLA!)

Now the fun began… slap the pictures on, apply 3 layers of modge podge and 5 layers of sealer! And exercise your best patience as you wait multiple hours for each coat to dry!

And here are the beauties! Ahh I love them! They turned out really well and so far tests indicate they actually can sustain a ring of water! 🙂

Woo hoo!


4 thoughts on “Crouching Coaster Hidden Modge Podge

  1. yaaay for pinterest challenge twins!! I’ve been thinking that doing it with photos would look cool, and yours look great! I like the idea of cork on the back too.

  2. I don’t want to think about life before Pinterest. So if you could please never bring that up again! 😉 P.S. How sweet of you to include your man in your crafting. That must be love!

  3. Fun! I love the photo idea and think these look great! My dad would love them! I’ll definitely be making more for gifts. They are so easy! Thanks for checking out mine at purplestpecalin.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment on my painting 🙂 Your coasters look great. I’ll have to file this idea away as part of my efforts to decorate my brother’s apartment one holiday at a time. And nothing makes a Pinterest challenge project happen like Michael’s 50% off coupons, right?

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